Australian Sweetwater Crays Enters The Redclaw Brisbane And Gold Coast Markets

Freshwater crayfish is a growing market around the world. Even though the international economy is massive (US$7.6 billion), growth continually outstrips supply. This is due to unskilled labor, season-dependent, and inbreeding-prone conventional manufacturing techniques.

A way to solve this issue will transform the redclaw market and create more opportunities to grasp significant unmet market requirements. 

More Information About Redclaw Brisbane

The Redclaw (Cherax quadricarinatus) is a freshwater species of crayfish native to Australia, although there is a large uninhabited population in Mpumalanga’s Nkomazi territory. In South Africa, efforts are currently being studied to evaluate the practicability of significantly producing Redclaw in tropical waters. The species needs to endure a comparatively high population density as well as poor water quality. This tends to make it a very appealing aquaculture possibility.

Because of the obvious benefits of the latest redclaw biological, physiological, and commercial aspects, Australian Redclaw Brisbane is an outstanding product for aquaculture. The lack of free-living larval stages, and therefore the non – availability of a hatchery process, is one of Redclaw’s significant benefits for aquaculture.

These biologically robust creatures have a simple life, demand simple foods, and are cost-effective to begin producing using simple and direct manufacturing capabilities. Technological solutions have advanced to the point where ‘best practice’ methodologies can be described.

Australian Sweetwater Crays, a Journey towards Innovation

Our farm is wholly owned by our family, and we have resided on the Scenic Rim for over 20 years. We had years of aquaculture expertise, powerful scientific and technical knowledge, and noteworthy infection prevention and control prescriptive know-how to fix the hatching mystery, which mainly involved innovative diagnostic procedures and antifungal medication interventions, and we wished that the procedure would work out for the best. We had no idea we were just getting started on a strenuous voyage of discovery and eye-opening operations and maintenance experiences.

Over the years, we’ve made three basic strategic decisions at this point: 

  • We take a lot of pride in our ecologically friendly cultivation techniques.
  • Our farm is fully off-grid power generation, with all liquid waste reprocessed on-site.
  • We intend to supply high-quality live redclaw to the local farmers’ market, with a greater emphasis on farm gate purchases and small restaurants in the Scenic Rim, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Our Breeding Process

We chose to set up a world-first vertical breeding framework for freshwater crayfish in conjunction with our elevated breeding program and infrastructure. Using our knowledge and skills, we have implemented numerous novel methodologies for the crayling (baby redclaw) generation that has been established by us.

Breeding usually takes place in a storage tank under controlled settings, and craylings are distinguished from their mothers before being released later into ponds.

Highly desired broodstock is chosen from the pools of water and equipped in the hatchery to enhance genetic traits for the next creation.

Harvesting occurs multiple times every week, utilizing bait traps baited with raw potato. The ponds are drained away at the end of each iteration, and the surviving redclaw is threshed using a flow trap.

All redclaw are organized on-site and decided to sell live to nearby eateries and the public in general.

Explore our website to get your antibiotic-free and animal-free red claw now!

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