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Backpage is a well-known platform for posting classified ads that were taken down leaving a void for the other competitors to fulfill. But there is one certain website that provides not only equivalent but superior services. Back page classified ads were a hit among the general public and business owners. A free source of advertisement is the best thing you can get for your business.

There are dozens of things that you can get here on Backlist24. But one thing that is the most surprising is the SEO ads services. SEO is an abbreviation for Search engine Optimization. This is the technique that many business owners use so that their ads and articles pop on top of the search engine searches such as Google. As we know, today if we are looking for something we normally put that on google and take a look at the first few searches. But have you ever wondered how the listing is done? The better your ad is Optimized according to the search engine the better result you can expect from the ad. More traffic will reach you and better chances of you getting a hit. This is a great feature for people that are kickstarting a new business.

This not only saves you a lot of money but also gets the job done.

Data security

Unlike other competitors such as bedpage, this website provides you with some extra layers of security for your ads and your personal information. Most of the things on those websites are reported to the law enforcement websites which makes them porous and can cause data leakage. You get full proof security which is excellent for sex workers and the escort services and their privacy.

Craigslist has been taken down as well and after that, no competitor can manage to compete with Backlist24. This is no doubt the champion after back page classified is taken offline.

Offers the most impressive rates and better traffic

Although you don’t need to pay a single penny if you want to post an ad here on backlist24 but still if you want those extra little perks, you can get those as well with only a little money. You will get the best perks at the best price here not to mention the security protocol that will help you safeguard your private information. After the termination of Craigslist and Backpage, this website is thriving and you can find everything here.

Traffic is a big concern when you post an ad. Because an ad that gets no traffic is useless and you will never get something out of it. But Backlist24 uses advanced algorithms and provides SEO services as well so your ads will be visible to the public.


If we look at all the benefits that we get out of this website and the drawbacks (which are none) this is the best place where you can buy, sell, trade, look for jobs, community services and find adult services as well. All this combined makes it the best free classified ad website.