Basketball predictions and betting features

The popular basketball championships are about to begin. This sport has a large number of fans. Many of them are customers of bookmakers and regularly bet on this discipline.

But how to find the most suitable bets among such a variety of matches, and not spend a huge amount of time? The website Scores 24 will help in this case. Here basketball predictions for tomorrow are regularly published.

It is the tips from the experts that enable everyone to make money on betting. All the predictions on the platform are absolutely free of charge, and a large number of factors are taken into account. Such factors include

  • physical fitness of teams;
  • venue;
  • history of head-to-head meetings;
  • clubs’ squads;
  • tournament standing and motivation.

In this article, let us look through the features of basketball betting, as well as the types of deals that bookmakers offer for this discipline.

Basketball betting features

Basketball, like other sports, has its own features that should be taken into account when making predictions. Most of the factors spark additional interest in bettors. Basketball betting stands out for the following features:

  • a large number of equally likely events;
  • high limits for the size of the bets;
  • low margin;
  • high intensity of matches.

A large number of equally likely events

When it comes to basketball, draws are rare, even in quarters. Many bookmakers even offer bets without a draw. In this case, if the score is equal the betting amount is refunded. Thus, predicting basketball results is easier.

But at the same time, in terms of quarters, you can see quite equal odds for the favorite and the underdog, because it is more difficult to predict such an outcome. The results by quarters are very unpredictable, so there are a lot of bets with close odds in the action line. In addition, betting on totals and handicaps is popular, which always provides high odds.

High limits for the bets

Bookmakers offer high limits on the maximum size of bets for games of the top tournaments. This is especially true for NBA games. These games are the most popular among bettors, and the championship itself is characterized by high control over match-fixing.

The great demand from users, as well as the confidence that third parties are not able to influence the result of the game, enable bookmakers to accept large bets on the NBA events.

Low margin

Each of the bookmakers makes efforts to reduce the commission and increase the odds for the matches of the most popular championships. This is done in order to attract more customers.

Nowadays there are a lot of bookmakers that generate competition between each other. After all, the more users the bookmaker has the higher its profits.

Regular games

Matches in basketball are played very often. In most cases, teams play once every two or three days, and sometimes more often. Due to this intensity, it is much easier to observe the physical fitness of teams and individual players.

Basketball matches are always present in the bookmakers’ line. Games are held on weekends, as well as the other days of the week. Nor do holidays or weekends affect the schedule. This is especially true for the NBA, where the championship schedule includes games even on the 1st day of January.

Basic types of basketball betting

In basketball, there are many additional options in the action line other than the main types of betting. Most of them are built around totals, handicaps, and similar bets on quarters. If you need betting tips, consider using a basketball handicapper.

Despite the fact that draws in basketball are rare, you can bet on them too. But these bets, unlike soccer and hockey, are usually in an additional action line and are offered with very high odds.

Betting on quarters

Almost all modern bookmakers offer bets on basketball by the quarters. This is especially true for transactions in live mode. Most often players bet on the winner of a particular quarter, the total (for the game or individual), handicaps, Asian handicaps, even or odd, and more.

Such transactions are more popular in the course of the game since before the start of the match it is difficult to predict the development of events in a particular period of the match. Also, some unique offers appear in a live mode that cannot be found in the pre-match line.

Betting on block shots

One of the interesting types of betting in basketball is betting on block shots. These indicators refer to statistics. The line offers bets on the overall team number of successful blocks, while the most reputable betting offices offer such bets on the individual performance of players.

Betting on a handicap

A handicap provides the opportunity to make a deal taking into account a certain advantage of one of the parties. If a minus handicap is used, the selected team should beat the opponent with a difference not smaller than that specified in the bet. As a rule, such bets are made on the obvious favorite. By using the minus handicap, the bettor gets the opportunity to bet on the clear favorite of the meeting with good odds.

The plus handicap operates in the opposite way. This indicator levels the advantage of the favorite and aligns the chances of the teams. Thus the bets are placed against the favorite, but with the backup of the result. For example, a +9.5 handicap on the underdog means that the player will make a profit if the favorite even wins, but does so with a difference of only 9 points or less.

Betting on total

The total is the total number of points scored by the teams. In basketball, you can bet on the total of both teams or on individual scores. Also, bets are taken on period totals.

These bets are especially interesting because of the high number of points scored by the teams per game. Also, the bookmakers’ lines often offer additional totals, thus it is possible to significantly expand the range of expected performance of the teams.


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