Becoming a Private Investigator in Texas

Private Investigators in Texas must have a certificate from a state agency to work in the field. A state-administered exam and fingerprint-based background check are required before private investigators can begin working in the state. Applicants should expect to pay a minimum of $33 for the application and background check, and a further $65 to take a sex offender registration course. If you meet these requirements, you can start working as a private investigator in Texas.

If you are interested in becoming a private investigator, Texas is a great place to start. The state has some of the highest employment rates of PIs in the country, and growth is projected to continue. New job creation and normal turnover will result in an influx of new PIs in the state. If you’re looking for an exciting career in the field, consider applying for a license in Texas. It’s not as hard as it sounds!

To start your new PI company in Texas, you’ll need to submit the PSB-01 Company License Application Form. The purpose of this application is to get the license for your company, and it’s a good idea to submit it to the state in order to have it approved. After you get your license, you can work for a licensed PI agency and build your business up from there. The next step is to get a professional investigator’s credential, as a PI certification from the State will increase your chances of landing a good job.

Forms and Credentials

The first step to becoming a licensed private investigator in Texas is to apply with the state. The state is responsible for licensing. A PI can be self-employed or work as an employee. The process to get a license is straightforward and free. It doesn’t cost a thing. There’s no reason to get a license to start a private investigation business in Texas. This is a great way to start building a strong reputation.

Once you’ve passed this test, the next step is to become a licensed private investigator in Texas. The license process involves completing the required application and creating an account online. Applicants must also have a degree in criminal justice or a similar field, as well as a private investigation agency sponsor. A license is necessary to operate as a PI in Texas. However, many new PIs do not have this kind of experience.


To become a private investigator in Texas, you must first become licensed. The state requires you to pass a manager’s exam and must have a clean criminal history. The state requires that you have the proper insurance. ICS has been in business in Texas for over 50 years and has been helping people find the answers they need. It is a private investigation agency with over a decade of experience. If you have never had an insurance policy before, you may need to obtain one for yourself.

If you’ve been considering a career as a private investigator, you should be aware that there are certain requirements that must be met before you can become a licensed PI in Texas. To be licensed as a private investigator in Texas, you must first obtain your license. Then, you must be a registered member of the state’s association of private investigators. You must meet the minimum standards required to be a PI in Texas.

A private investigator in Texas must be sponsored by a private investigation agency. To become licensed, you must have three years of full-time experience as a private investigator in Texas. Applicants must also hold a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Lastly, you must be employed in a PI agency before you can become licensed. In addition to these requirements, there are also several other requirements. Whether you need a license to conduct investigations in Texas or have an existing license, the process is simple.

Before you can be licensed as a private investigator in Texas, you must be licensed. Almost every state has a private security bureau, and you must be licensed in order to conduct business in Texas. You must be registered with the agency if you want to legally operate as a private investigator in Texas. You must also be insured in case of legal troubles. A license is not just mandatory – it’s also an important requirement.


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