Benefits of ERP for Educational Institutions

One word for software or web-based technology that helps any institution or organization streamline administration, monitoring, and analyzing all the operations and activities is ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. All educational institutions, especially schools, colleges, and universities, dealing with a lot of data regarding admission of learners, the management of staff, programs offered, examinations and assessments conducted, and grading and certifications. Automation of these highly confidential and vast data eliminates manual errors. Hence, Enterprise Resource Planning software becomes an essential tool for an educational institution to process and store these data and for easy retrieval of data.

Additionally, as Generation Z and Generation Alpha are the prime users of educational institutions and facilities, educational intuitions should move towards a digitalized facility. The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has also increased the pace of the digitalization of the education sector. Considering these backgrounds, enterprise resource planning software is the aptest digital solution for education intuitions.

Enterprise Resource Planning software is the best fit for all educational institutions such as vocational centers, small schools, high schools, or universities. School ERP application helps educational institutions control and administer all academic, non-academic, and operational activities of the institution, thereby delivering a better learning experience for learners. With the in-depth process-driven information management capabilities, institutes can easily manage student and faculty information with the online and offline admission processes.

The continuous and comprehensive assessment and monitoring of students’ and staff’s performance automatically improve their achievements and thereby, results in the improvement and authenticity and credibility of organizations. Enterprise Resource Planning application provides a smooth sailing platform for the attainment of the ultimate aim of all intuitions. With ERP, intuitions can manage the complete staff information consisting of the courses assigned, hours of work or research’ portions completed in each lecture, professional and personal details, and leave applications. Institutes can quickly and easily manage study programs and courses along with assignments. Likewise, educators and institutions can monitor the performance and attendance of students. The software enables students or learners to access and attend the pre-configured courses and tests, assignments, or even live classes with proper installation of learning management systems.

School ERP application enables educational institutions to equip with an efficient financial management system. With the software, now institutes can collect fees online with the support of a wide range of payment gateways. Institutes can also offer free or paid online e-learning by using built-in powerful management learning systems with drip content planning.

The software focuses on equipping the education institutes with high operational efficiency. The institutes can gainfully integrate applications like purchase and stock management for managing purchases, requisitions, and stock items. Email marketing, survey, and feedback communication is an effortless task with the implementation of ERP software in educational institutions. Enterprise Resource Planning application assists the working of everyday operations and activities by providing key information faster on the dashboard. The application provides creative and timely analysis and provides actionable insights.

The campus events and activities, alumni meetings, and placements can be efficiently and effectively organized and managed with the Enterprise Resource Planning application. It is usually built-in with a user-friendly interface that has multi-lingual capabilities. The initiative and user-friendly interface make it possible to use on any device such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC.  The application enables educational institutions, and users to add records, attach files and search records efficiently based on the pre-defined filters and create pivot reports.

Students, teachers, and parents usually use and operate ERP software on their mobile on Android and iOS. The mobile app usually allows the user to submit assignments, view performance charts, take attendance, and attach necessary records, and files. This would empower the students to keep their enthusiasm for learning and gives them a sense of accomplishment which ultimately shows in their overall result.  The ERP software can be installed on platforms like Windows and Linux anywhere on cloud platforms like AWS, Google cloud, or the institutional server.

Educational Institutions can support the movement toward the attainment of sustainable development and going paperless with the introduction of ERP. It provides an effective solution to vast human resource management through a consolidated platform. Ultimately, ERP software automates the entire lifecycle of students, faculty, and administration and helps in an effective decision-making process.


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