Benefits of Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds






Auto-flowering seeds come with tremendous benefits that make them stand out. Normally, cannabis strains undergo two stages vegetative stage and the flowering stage. Hey also depend on factors like change in light cycles for flowering to take place. Unlike these other strains, flowering in auto-flowering seeds takes place after a specific period has passed and doesn’t depend on external factors like changes in light or temperature. Here are some of the benefits of growing these blue dream seeds.

  • Ideal for Beginners

Growing weed can be sometimes very demanding and labor-intensive. A beginner can therefore have a lot of ups and downs in the journey of growing cannabis. However, auto-flowering seeds on the other are best suited for beginners due to their less demanding nature. One does not need to keep monitoring them as they have the ability to withstand harsh conditions, therefore, making them ideal for beginners.

  • Resilient Plants

Auto-flowering seeds come with specific features that help them deal with unfair weather conditions. Genes in auto-flowering plants are reliable and resilient. Auto-flowering seeds are resilient to Mold and pest infections, unlike other cannabis seeds, which are delicate and little change can affect their output.

  • Can Withstand Excess Light

The ability of auto-flowering seeds not to depend on light cycles for flowering makes them unique. Auto-flowering seeds operate on their internal timing schedule. This is completely different from the typical cannabis seeds, which can be greatly affected by excessive light and mess up their growth process.

  • Can Survive with Little Nutrient Supply

Unlike photoperiod strains which require a specific mix of nutrients to grow, auto-flowering seeds on the other hand can survive with minimal nutrients. They also do not need specific soil types or exotic fertilizers to flourish. This can be traced back to their small size.

  • Flexible Growing Environment

For photoperiod strains to flourish, they require twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness. This is essential for them to maintain their flowers till harvest. If this cycle is disrupted in any way, it may significantly affect the final yield. This is not the same case when it comes to auto-flowering strains. Due to their short lifespan, after germination flowering commences on the third week and can be ready for harvest in nine weeks. Their resilience to harsh conditions makes it possible to cultivate them anywhere without any need for greenhouses.

  • Faster Harvesting

When it comes to maturity, the auto-flowering strains stand out, unlike photoperiod strains which take three to four months to mature, auto-flowering strains are ready for harvest In nine weeks after germination. This means one can harvest them four times a year making them even more productive.

  • They are Discreet Plants

One of the benefits of auto-flowering seeds is the height at which they grow. They usually grow between 60 to 100cm. This size is immensely beneficial to people who want to keep their growth a secret. With this growing in balconies and hidden spots in the garden.

With this said, the growing of auto-flowering seeds can be done by both beginners and veterans. This is because they will be able to enjoy benefits such as faster growth, short harvest periods, high-quality buds, and fewer issues with the seed.

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