Benefits of Solving CBSE Previous Year Paper

Previous year papers are the best resource that students can use while preparing for the board exams. The papers not only boost students confidence level but also help them access their exam preparation. By solving the question paper of a particular subject, students get to know  which topic they are weak in and where they have a good hold.

Accordingly, they work on improving their weakness by simultaneously working on the stronger side as well. Here, in this article, we mention the benefits of solving the CBSE Previous Year Question Paper. Also, in the article we have mentioned how previous year papers are helpful for the upcoming 2021-22 examination.

How Previous Year Papers are Helpful for 2021-22 Examinations

CBSE has changed the syllabus for classes 9 to 12. The syllabus for these classes is divided into two terms. For the first time, the examinations for 2021-22 will be conducted for term 1 and term 2. So, here, the question arises about the benefits of solving the past years’ papers when the syllabus is changed. The answer is simple. Only the syllabus is divided into 2 terms; the core concepts and chapters remain the same. Instead of having the final board exams, the examinations will be conducted in 2 terms based on the term wise syllabus.

Students have to study in a similar way as they used to do previously. The difference is that they have to be more strict on the topics to be covered for term 1 and term 2 exams. So, while solving the previous years’ CBSE papers, students have to make sure that they pick up those questions from term 1 syllabus (if they are practising for term 1 exam) or term 2 syllabi (if they are practising for term 2 exam). Moreover, the board will soon release the CBSE Sample Papers for the 2021-22 examinations. The sample papers will help students to understand the question paper design and mark distribution of the 2021-22 paper. Also, by practising the sample papers, they get the feel of the actual exam and know the actual question paper design.

Advantages of Solving the Previous Year Question Paper

There are numerous benefits of solving the past year’s papers. Although, we have listed a few of them:

  1. Students can easily access their preparation level.
  2. They get to know their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. By working on the weak areas, students can improve their performance for the board exam.
  4. Students learn how to manage time efficiently during the exam. Due to which they were able to solve the entire question paper in the allocated time.
  5. They can analyse the change in the exam pattern and question paper design over the years.
  6. They understand the difficulty level of the question paper.
  7. Students can easily analyse which topics are often repeated and asked in the exam.

After knowing the advantages of solving the last year’s papers, students must solve these past year question papers. Practising these papers will make them feel more confident in the examination hall. Also, they must visit the board’s official website for term wise sample papers. Once the sample papers are available, students must start practising them.