Best Beard Styles Ideas for Round Face

If you just discovered you have a round face shape, you might also want to know which beard styles will match well with your round face. Round-faced men mostly want a haircut or beard style that will add some length to the face or head.

Well, there are many beard styles to try, and using various products and tools like beard oils, balms, brushes, and trimmers, you can shape yours in different styles and grow it in various sizes to see which one works best for your face shape. You can choose some of the common beard styles to try before the year ends from the list.

1. Short Stubble For Round Face

One way of achieving the perfect look is by maintaining a beard length that goes perfectly with the length of your hair. According to MensHaircuts, guys with round faces and short hair like a buzz cut can shine well with the short stubble beard. You can choose to grow the beard longer or short, depending on what you like. A full beard-shaped short stubble will give you a face definition.

2. Easy Goatee

The goatee is a common beard style of keeping a beard and most people choose them because they are simple but stylish. Goatees are different from stubbles because they are not full like the latter. They are also easy to style and require less maintenance. You can trim the beard at home using a beard trimmer or scissors. You can also grow a goatee into the length of your liking because they look great regardless of the length. However, the best way to keep it a real goatee is having medium beard hair.

3. Casual Beard

Most round-faced men prefer a casual beard because of its ease of style and maintenance. This beard style features a chin strap and a goatee that runs across your chin but does not reach up the cheeks. Men who wear the chin strap with a mustache are attractive and have a masculine look.

4. Simple And Youthful

If you are a lazy guy, this would be one of the perfect beard styles collection you should opt for. It is called so because men who style their beards this way go to the barbers or hairdressers fewer times. You can also style the beard at home by trimming small lengths using a beard trimmer or scissors. A full beard will elongate your face, and they are also easy to style.

5. Retro Vibe

If you need something that exudes more wisdom and at the same time vibe, you would like to opt for these beard styles. Guys over 50 years mostly prefer this beard style. The retro vibe will suit your round face and bring some amazing vibes, as it adds some style to your grey hair. Let your sideburns grow, and don’t also forget to allow some length for the mustache.

6. Define The Cheekbones

One great tip you should not fail to try is showing off your cheekbone if you have a round face. Let your beards grow along your chin and cover your jawline and parts of your cheeks. Do not trim your mustache too. Letting your beards grow towards the cheeks adds definition to the face and gives it some elongation.

7. Short Handlebar

Would you like to try a simple style of beard and mustache? Then getting the short handlebar style will fit you well. You achieve this style by letting your mustache grow longer and out. After getting some length, curl the outer parts upwards to get the handle-like style. Ensure you comb the mustache to keep it neat. This beard style suits round faces perfectly.

8. Longbeard

Round-faced men want a beard style that will make their faces look longer, and letting your beard grow out is one of the perfect ways to achieve a longer face naturally and in a way most people will not realize. Let your beard grow to a full length, with the hair even distributing to the cheeks and chin. Comb the beard to keep it neat.

9. Short Stubble

Keeping a short stubble helps you in adding some length to your round face is. Ensure your hair is also short of matching your beard size and length. This beard style gives you a masculine look.


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