Best DIY Vape Juice Kits In 2021 

For vaping enthusiasts, there are many amazing ways to dive deeply into vaping, and one of them is to make their e-liquid. When they do this, they can have complete control over the ingredients that they can use, and if you do it the right way, you will most likely reduce your spending on commercial e-liquids that are available in the market. The procedure is not very complicated, and if you take a serious interest, you may end up getting a product that is as great as what you buy or even better.

A wider choice of flavors

In the market are food-grade flavors that are available in the market today. With so many flavors, you can select one that provides you with the right potency and profile. Remember that it may take several trials and errors to get whatever you want.

Here are some of the best DIY vape juice kits for 2021.

1. The Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream

This vape kit is great for beginners and is the best option for people who want to use varied flavors to create the same profile. With this kit, you can create an authentic vanilla flavor, and for those who want a more complex profile, it’s possible to combine it with accent notes or some fruits to create something unique that suits an individual’s taste and preference.

2. Mint Chip Cookies and Cream

This kit is best for those who have tried basic kits and want something better that offers better flavors. This recipe combines several flavors, which are perfectly combined can create a new vape product that is out of this world. With this vape juice recipe, you will learn how best to pair varied flavors to come up with a highly complex profile. All experienced vapers know that chocolate e-liquids are not easy to mix, but with the help of this kit, you can recreate a chocolate recipe.

3. Cardinal 

This kit combines caramel and tobacco and is among the e-liquid vaping kits that have gained massive popularity in the market. The buttery caramel which carries some hint of tobacco, together with the well-chosen FLV Kentucky Blend, offers a beautiful balance of authentic tobacco flavor and sweetness. This is one of the best DIY vaping kits that every tobacco fan should try.

4. God Milk

This kit tastes strawberry and is one of the most popular vaping profiles the world over today. It’s got several variations, and this has endeared users in the DIY community to try it. It combines cheesecake and Bavarian cream vase, with some soft bakery notes.

5. Best Damn Pink Lemonade 

This is a fruity mix that is simple, yet delivers amazing results for starters. This recipe goes to show that simple mixes can be amazing. It has four ingredients- which can be combined to create a superb pink-lemonade profile. It tastes close to commercial lemonade and home-style lemonade. The strawberry and the raspberry taste is enough choice for those who are interested in the pink part that this profile offers.


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