Best IFB Machines to Buy in 2021

 A uniquely local flagship brand, IFB is an Indian washing machine brand with a 40% market share in the front load washing machine segment in the country. An IFB washing machine is a premium appliance, and can compete with top brands like Samsung, Bosch and Siemens, not to mention LG and Whirlpool. IFB machines combine efficiency, design and convenience in a single machine, perfectly engineered to suit many washing styles and wash requirements.  With forty years of experience in making the best washing machine that India has to offer, the brand’s advanced features include the Crescent Moon Drum technology and steam wash functions that give the clothes a thorough and comprehensive wash. IFB washing machines are of superior build quality, its popularity has been established with its previous partnerships with Bosch and Siemens.

Smart Machines

Recently, IFB introduced the Smart Loader, a washing machine that the company markets as India’s first smart washing machine. For example, this washer decides about clothes that are badly soiled, ranging from whether your child has spilt milk on clothes to a puppy’s stray hair embedded in garments. This significant feature can be seen in the IFB Fully Automatic 7.5 kg ELITE WX washing machine that comes with the unique Cradle Wash. Smart technology also aids in saving a lot on power and on water. You also get safety features with a child lock. The best part of Smart Loaders from IFB is the fact that you get a four-year warranty, and a promise of replacement of spare parts for a decade. In a washing machine, this is more than a consumer can ask for from a brand.

Wash Modes

The advanced models under the IFB umbrella are a new breed of front loading machines with an array of wash modes like the Air Bubble Wash, the 360 Degree Wash, the Cradle Wash, the O2 Wash and Steam Wash. With an IFB washing machine, like the SENATOR AQUA FX 8 kg Front Load machine, you are guaranteed deep cleaning of clothes, especially with the 360 Degree Wash that spouts water in a 360-degree directional force, as the drum turns appropriately. Ensuring adequate soaking of clothes and circulation of water, this mode facilitates penetrative cleaning, and gives you an exemplary wash cycle.

The O2 Wash is a distinctive feature in IFB’s front load machines as well, generating a myriad of air bubbles that force themselves into the fabric, removing stubborn grease and grit. During the rinse phase, a three-dimensional wash system forces the dirt and detergent out of garments so clothes come out squeaky clean. This can be seen in the ELITE AQUA SX 7 kg Front Load washing machine. Additional technology is witnessed in flagship IFB machines, like the EXECUTIVE PLUS VX ID 8 kg Front Load Washer with Steam Wash, in which a low amount of water generates a high degree of steam. Your clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free with this wash mode.

Hard Water Treatment

A common issue in India is that of hard water. Apart from the adverse health effects that hard water poses, it can be a hazard for a washing machine. Hard water prevents detergent from dissolving, and residue may collect in water pipes and the washing machine drum. Over time, this leads to chokes. However, IFB machines have the Aqua Energie feature to tackle this issue. This converts hard water into soft water. The IFB front load DIVA AQUA 6 kg model comes with this feature, and is a hot-seller in the Indian market.

Top Loading Machine Technology

Although IFB front load machines are relatively more popular, top-loading machines from the brand are now gaining attention. The bi-axial motion technology makes the horizontal rotation of clothes possible, and these are later washed with 360-degree motion. Four dynamic water jets help to clean clothes in a thorough manner. Modern top-loading machines like the IFB Top Load TL-RGS 7 kg washing machine come with soft scrub technology. For scrubbing that is vigorous yet gentle enough so it won’t wear out clothes, garments are given excellent washing. Smooth grooves in the top-loading washing machine’s crescent-shaped drum help remove any remnants of dirt.

Meeting the Demand

A market leader in front load machines, IFB is making significant efforts to gain importance in the top load segment, as many Indians prefer these affordable machines. Triadic pulsators in the new top load machines of IFB remove dirt with pulses and jets of water, pushing dirt out. The IFB washing machine is an excellent purchase, and you can get these models in a range of capacities to suit your particular needs. Moreover, machines come with 5-star energy ratings to assure you of their energy-efficient operation. Some of the best IFB machines that you can purchase today include:

  • IFB DIVA AQUA BX 6 kg Front Load with Heater
  • IFB ELENA ZXS 6.5 kg Front Load with Heater
  • IFB SENATOR WSS STEAM 8 kg Front Load with Heater
  • IFB TL-REW AQUA 6.5 kg Top Load
  • IFB EXECUTIVE PLUS VX ID 8.5 kg Front Load with Heater

You can now purchase your favourite washing machine from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The EMI Store allows you to pay for the appliance in no-cost EMIs, making the purchase affordable and convenient. Utilizing the hyperlocal network of sellers, the delivery times are significantly reduced, and you can receive your product within just 24 hours of placing the order.


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