Best & Most Effective Ways to Stream HBO Max On Discord

Were you considering streaming HBO Max on Discord to enjoy some laughs with your friends? You may accomplish that without incident! If you’re not sure how to stream HBO Max on Discord (Before we talk further, you should try the HBO Max tv sign in page to create your account on HBO Max), we’ve outlined four simple steps below. Following these instructions will enable you to watch your favourite HBO Max series live with your pals!

Binge-watching HBO Max episodes are rather frequent on Weekend nights when you cannot leave the house as you used to. Courtesy? Pandemic! Like us indoor geeks, that is your Saturday night ritual; you should know that you can find companionship while viewing them.

On Discord, you can binge-watch Netflix originals and even HBO Max shows, and it’s incredibly easy to do so. However, before you jump onto the steps to do the same, keep in mind that doing so is prohibited! Even if Discord allows you to add more people to your Live stream than previously, you should avoid streaming Netflix or HBO Max on Discord due to their privacy regulations. You can easily create your account by visiting Discord login by visiting their official website.

However, if you continue to do so, I will not judge your actions. If you’re determined to stream HBO Max on Discord, then follow the techniques outlined in this article to binge-watch your favourite HBO Max series without encountering “Black Screen” or “No Sound” issues.

Is HBO Max Available on Discord?

HBO Max streams perfectly on Discord. You will not even encounter the “No Sound” or “Black Screen” issues if you follow the steps. Additionally, you can stream HBO Max via party extensions such as Telepathy. Download and install the extension and share the link with your family and friends.

Anyone with a connection can freely view the live stream. Streaming HBO Max on Discord or any other service such as Twitch, Zoom, or Discord is unlawful and should be avoided.

Nonetheless, we are occasionally driven to do so. Additionally, the Pandemic has isolated us in our quarters, preventing us from socializing with our pals as we once did. In these instances, live streaming is an excellent approach to unwind with our friends while watching a movie or a show.

How To Stream HBO Max With Sound On Discord?

If you want to create a watch party on Discord using HBO Max with your friends and family, you can do it successfully. Follow the guidelines below, and you’ll be ready to watch your favourite HBO series!

Download Discord on your computer, mobile device, or iPhone.

To stream HBO Max on Discord effectively, you must first download the Discord software. Discord is available for download from the App Store (iPhone), Google Play (Android), and other app stores for iPads and laptops.

Once you’ve downloaded the Discord software, carefully follow the steps below!

Open Your Web Browser


Open the web browser in which you are currently streaming HBO Max. It could be any browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Once it is open, navigate to the browser’s options and deactivate hardware acceleration.

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can type “Hardware Acceleration” into the search bar. “Use Hardware Acceleration when available” is a setting in Chrome’s system settings. Disable this option to prevent the screen from appearing blank or black while streaming HBO Max on Discord.

Configure the Hardware Acceleration setting in the browser and Discord settings when streaming HBO Max on Discord. It ensures that whatever you’re streaming on Discord does not appear black or blank to your audience during the live stream.

Navigate to the Discord User Settings


After you’ve made the modifications listed above in your browser, navigate to your “User Discord Settings.” Scroll down to the “Advanced” settings. Disable the “Hardware Acceleration” tab in the Advanced settings. Following that, your Discord application will restart.

Once you’ve reopened your Discord application, return to “User Settings” and click on “Activity Status” immediately below the “Advanced” settings. As a game, add the web browser to which you previously adjusted.

If you’re using Chrome to watch HBO Max, add Chrome as a game to your activity status. This step is required to broadcast HBO Max with sound on Discord.

Launch the screen sharing session using the voice channel.

After making the appropriate modifications in Discord and your Web Browser, navigate to the “Voice Channel.” Take control of the web browser you previously added in the “Discord Voice Channel.” If you add Google Chrome, it will also appear in the voice channel.

In front of your internet browser, click on the “Computer icon or stream (name of your web browser)” symbol. A window for screen sharing will appear. Click the Go-Live button on the right.

Once you’ve done that, your HBO Max will begin streaming flawlessly on your Discord channel. If you clean your web browsers and Discord’s caches and ensure no internet connectivity issues, your “Show Time” on Discord with HBO Max will not be interrupted!


It’s quite simple to stream HBO Max using Discord. All you require is to adjust a few settings in your Discord and browser. After completing the necessary steps, you will stream HBO Max movies or series effectively.

Adhere to the four methods outlined above and have a great Discord Show party with your friends!


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