Best NFT Trading Card Games in 2022






Most individuals think that NFTs are just about artworks or digital collectibles. However, there is a significant growing community of gamers who love collecting in-game assets, especially when it comes to trading card games.

NFTs are still very much in the early stages of mainstream adoption, but we have already seen several NFT trading card games emerge that are worthy of attention. This guide will discover the top NFT trading card games currently available and what makes them unique.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will provide a solid overview of the current landscape and give you some ideas for what types of games are possible with NFTs.

God’s Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular blockchain-based card games, with over $7 million worth of cards already sold since it was launched. The game features many gods and creatures, each with their special abilities, which players can use to battle one another in head-to-head matches or build teams around in tournament play. 

The game is unique in that players can buy cards with either Bitcoin or Ethereum and then make trades with those same cards using their wallets. When a player wins battles within Gods Unchained, they earn ETH rewards paid directly into their wallets which they can then spend on any other item within the game, including but not limited to booster packs or rarer mythic cards!


Sorare is another popular collectible card game that has been developed from the ground up for blockchain technology. This fantasy game lets you own and trade official digital player cards from top football clubs. There are over 30 clubs to choose from, and each card represents a real player in real life. Using official player cards from real-life football leagues like La Liga, Premier League, and Serie A, you can build your team. 

You can also purchase fantasy cards based on players who aren’t yet playing professionally or even retired from professional football! You earn rewards for scoring goals with your player cards in weekly fantasy football games, and there’s some serious money on the line as well as bragging rights!


Splinterlands is another TCG that offers both gameplay and tradable assets. It takes place in an immersive fantasy world where players must form decks of powerful cards to battle against other players online. You can earn new cards by winning matches or purchase them through Splinterlands’ digital marketplace.


Crypto Kitties is one of the best-known blockchain games that introduced NFTs to a wider audience in the world of crypto gaming. The game is quite basic — users can buy, sell, and breed “Kitties” using Ethereum (ETH). These Kitties are digital cats with unique attributes and traits. Each Kitty has a different price depending on its rarity — some are more valuable than others.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another popular NFT-based digital pet game, but it differs from Crypto Kitties in that players can use their pets to battle each other. The game’s goal is to acquire as many Axies (pets) as possible to create an army, which can then be used to battle against rivals. Players can also earn tokens by completing tasks in the game and winning battles against other players. 

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