Best Oversized Designer Rattan Mirror Collection by The Styling Republic

Planning to give an upgrade to your interiors? When it comes to interior decor mirror has a special place as it enhances the ambiance of your setting and makes you feel pleasant whenever you get a glimpse of yours while roaming around the lounge. Give your decor an upgrade with a new designer rattan mirror collection to have positive vibes around you, while making your surroundings impressive and gleeful. 

Which mirror brand should I choose? Though a number of brands offering designer mirrors may have mushroomed around the country in recent years, it is tricky to pick the right one. Amid this horse race, the Styling Republic has emerged as a leader in dealing with the best designer rattan mirrors.

Best Designer Rattan Mirror Collection 

Pick the best oversized designer rattan mirror from the following range of collections offered by the Styling Republic, Australia’s well-known mirror and designer furniture brand.


Handcrafted with premium quality rattan, the Zoe is a beautiful round mirror that will give you a classic ambiance around your setting. Available in two sizes,1.5m, and 2m, Zoe is one of the best-selling rattan mirrors designed to match the latest trend. You can pick Zoe’s mirror in two colors, black and natural. 


Being an upgrade to the massively successful OG Zoe 2m mirror, the Styling Republic brings another treat for Bohemian and Coastal lovers with its designer mirror Bonnie, a new collection in its oversized mirror series. Features with classy texture, you can pick the best match for your interiors from black, natural, and white.


Despite being featured with a minimalistic design, Poppy the 1.8m tall stands out for the basic geometric forms that make it appear elegant on your wall. Made with natural rattan the square frame rattan mirror is available in natural and black colors, which will find your wall match.


Built with a thick rattan square frame, the curvaceous design with beautifully crafted curved corners, the Polly designer mirror, which is an extension of the Styling Republic’s oversized mirror series, will make your home look delightful. Natural, black, and white are the colors you can choose from to match your wall. 


The beautiful natural rattan has been beautifully sculptured to make one of the most sought-after mirrors of the Styling Republic – Alicia. The 120cm hand-crafted oversized mirror is a true piece of art with respect to modern and classic design, with availability in natural and black colors. 


For those who love to keep their surroundings natural, the beautiful Stalla, woven with naturally sourced rattan, would be the best pick offered by any Australian brand. The wall-mounted round accent mirror is available in 150cm and 120cm dimensions with black and natural variants.

Final Words

Uplift your decor with the latest rattan mirror collection of the Styling Republic available in different colors and sizes to match all forms of settings. The handcrafted and intricately designed rattan mirrors with the best quality material will undeniably make your interiors look classy and captivate the positive vibes all around. 



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