Best Phone Tracker App for Employee Monitoring in 2021

Employee tracking apps are everywhere on the web, and they help out to track phones and tablet devices provided to the workforce. It enables users to measure and look after their staff performance during working hours. It’s been easy over the recent years to monitor and track employee’s activities, but it is hard enough to track employees whose jobs demand traveling outside the business firm.

That’s where the phone tracker app comes in handy and lets you know about the target employee’s location with complete accuracy. Let me tell you the best cell phone tracker is the one that not only monitors employee’s activities but also tracks GPS location.

Why use phone tracking software to monitor employees?

Cell phone tracker comes in handy for tracking employees during working hours. However, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to keep tabs on employee’s activities and locations you need to know.

A phone tracker is the best tool to keep an eye on employees during working hours. You can track your senior employees to know they have conducted a meeting with the clients at the given location.

Business owners can track the GPS location of the employees to monitor and track staff whether they are taking longer routes. You can guide them to take alternatives routes using route map tracking, location history, and get the pinpoint location of the employees.

Furthermore, employers can monitor activities on business-owned phones and tablets to protect the business intellectual property to the fullest by watching the live activity on the phone. You can measure employee’s productivity and prevent time-wasting activities on business devices.

Moreover, you can monitor keystrokes, emails, chat conversations, media sharing, and communication on the social networks active on business devices. Employers can keep their employees in discipline and make time-to-time checks on the workforce using the best phone tracker software.

Why is employee monitoring necessary with cell phone tracking app?

We have stated the reasons to use cell phone tracker on business phones, and now we would like to tell you why it is employee monitoring necessary?

Time wasting

Business firms are largely known for wasting time by the employee during working hours, and you have to get rid of goldbricking activities of employees during working hours. Time-wasting activities of employees could destroy your business at any point in time, and it is better to use a mobile phone tracking application.

Data breaches 

Data breaching during working hours has become a norm and rogue employees can temper business data for lucrative purposes. Therefore, you need to monitor your employee’s business-owned phones and tablets during working hours. You can stop internal breaches with the best cellphone tracking app at your disposal.

Cyber attacks

Online attacks can sweep your business’s intellectual property and nowadays, after every 39 seconds, a cyber-attack happens on businesses worldwide. Therefore, data backup has become necessary and cellphone devices are easy to breach no time ever before.

Increase productivity

Do you want to increase your business productivity? Yes! You can increase using the phone tracker app on your business devices. It enables users to record live cellphone screens, monitor keystrokes, emails, and capture screenshots in real–time to increase the employee’s productivity.

What is the best phone tracker to monitor employees?

There are dozens of applications floating on the web, and today it is hard to find out the best one in the business.  We have tested several tracking apps for phones, and we got to know that TheOneSpy is the best one. It can tracks employees secretly and remotely. Let’s get to know about the application below.

It is an application designed for cellphones, tablets, and PCs. Every product of this brand is exceptional in services, and you can use it to track employee’s activities, location, and productivity to the fullest. You can use it on any cellphone device having physical access and activate its features. It performs sneaky operations on business devices and never gives a clue to the target person. It is a non-rooted, tempers proof and undetected phone tracker. The application has hundreds of features, like call recording, view360; live surround listening, keystrokes, read messages, GPS tracker, and many more.

How does phone tracking software works?

You need to subscribe to TheOneSpy cell phone tracker and you will get credentials via email. Further, you need to get physical access on the target device and start installation process.  You need to activate the application and use credentials to access the dashboard. Further, you can activate the powerful features to track your employees. Let’s get to know about the features in detail.

Real–time tracking

Users can use the TOS web control panel and activate the feature real–time tracker. It empowers you to monitor and track the live location of your employees. You can manage your employees remotely by tracking their location.

GPS tracker

End users can track the live GPS location of the target cellphone device, and further you can watch the location of your employees on Google Map. Users can also track location history, like weekly and daily location history that you can watch on Google Maps.

Track location without GPS

Cell phone tracker software is capable of monitoring the location of the employees without GPS. It can track the location of the target phone user by tracking live phone calls and messages in real-time. Moreover, you can get route Maps of the employees during working hours to know what route the employees have taken during working hours outside the company.

Call recording

Users can record live cellphone calls of employee’s incoming and outgoing by using the call recorder app. You can save the data of the mobile phone calls to the dashboard.

Read Messages

You can read messages sent and received and chats conversations using the text messaging tracking app.

Screen recording

Users can record live phone screens and record live videos back to back and send the recording to the web control panel.


TheOneSpy phone tracker is the best solution for employee monitoring. It enables users to increase productivity, and get rid of employers from time-wasting, data breaching, and fishy activities of employees to the fullest.


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