Best Places to Spend Your Marketing Dollars This Christmas






After a period of turbulence recently, it’s difficult to know how to optimize a marketing strategy in 2021. Consumer habits have changed, your marketing budget has probably changed, and your marketing strategy must reflect this. In this article, you’ll see some of the best places to spend your marketing dollars this Christmas.


First and foremost, those without the confidence to execute their own marketing strategy should investigate outsourcing to a specialist service; like an effective digital marketing agency called King Kong. With one simple search online, you’ll find dozens of companies ready and willing to help your business. They have the experience, expertise, tools, and passion to implement your marketing strategy (and succeed!).

Often, people worry that they will lose control of their business when outsourcing certain tasks. However, the marketers will only ever follow your instructions and take on the tasks that you designate.


As an alternative to outsourcing, you can also automate specific tasks within the business. For example, you’ll find tools online that automate the optimization of ad campaigns. Imagine not having to review ad analytics before then manually adjusting targeting, bidding, budgeting, A/B testing, and various other aspects. Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms automate all aspects of your campaigns and keep them pointing in the right direction.

Influencer Marketing

In 2021, it’s almost impossible to ignore influencer marketing because it’s everywhere. Not only this but digital marketing articles like this also can’t stop talking about it (sorry!). Influencer marketing is even more powerful in 2021 because consumers feel even more affiliated with their favorite influencers after consuming so much of their content during the pandemic. Audiences of influencers trust their opinions and see recommendations as a green light to purchase products.

If you can get your products into the right hands, the strategy will work wonders. Consumers will see that an influencer is recommending your product, and this instantly provides your service with credibility.

Social Media

Just when the world thought that social media couldn’t get more valuable for businesses, a global pandemic comes along and proves everybody wrong. Compared to before the pandemic, people are spending even more time on social media. Not only this, but the intentions of social media users have changed too. Rather than just keeping up to date with friends, family, and colleagues, people actively shop and look for new products/brands.

As a business, you WILL enjoy a return on investment after spending money on social media. In addition to paid ads, you should engage with your audience, post regularly, and get involved in communities/groups. Rather than just using Instagram and Facebook, use Reddit and other platforms where your audience is present. Instagram is the most popular social media platform.

Email Marketing

Some people may have said that email marketing was dead, but everything has changed. With GDPR and other regulations, unsolicited emails are banned, and consumers actively pay attention to their inboxes once again. This Christmas, start an email list and let the world know about your special seasonal promotions.

Once you’re up and running with email marketing, you can also offer tailored messages with product recommendations, gift ideas, and more. Get people excited about Christmas and excited about what you have to offer.

Other Tips

To finish, here are some other places to spend your marketing dollars this Christmas:

  • Run remarketing campaigns to catch people who have interacted with your brand already
  • Collaborate with other small businesses
  • Support a charity and raise money for an important cause
  • Offer stock updates to help those shopping for Christmas
  • Don’t forget the offline world
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