Best software for YouTubers video editing in 2022

The Internet is filled with lots of options for choosing software to edit videos. But still, users didn’t find the best software, it is because of a lack of knowledge. You should have to choose aplikasi edit video tanpa watermark software wisely. Here are a few best software for video editing which you can download in 2022. Filmora, Premiere Pro, and PowerDirector are one of the best video editing software which is available online. Filmora is the best software which comes with a very easy interface and has many useful features. A beginner can also easily access Filmora without having any previous knowledge. One should use Filmora on any device and can start video editing. It is made easier for both beginners and professionals to save time. You can also try Premiere Pro, and PowerDirector which are also on the list of best video editing software. But the main concern is that their plans are very exclusive and it is difficult for a beginner to pay such an amount of money and also difficult for a beginner to use without any training but its features are also great as Filmora.

The basic feature of Filmora:

Filmora has lots of features that you can use to learn video editing skills which makes you professional in video editing. Many YouTubers are also using it as a youtube video editor and editing their videos to upload on YouTube. Color Match, Green Screen, Split Screen, Motion Tracking, and Audio Ducking are basic features of Filmora that you can use while editing or making your video. These features are very useful and give you great results. You can change any color and can also adjust the color of different videos to make them look the same. You can also use Split Screen for screen effects. Green Screen is one of the best features which is used in Hollywood movies to change the background of the video. These all features are very useful and you can try them all and will love them for your video making.

Latest features in Filmora:

Filmora keeps updating its features to make your video editing experience much better. Now, Filmora comes with professional video editing features which you can use in 2022. Here are is the list of such available features:

Audio Visualizer: It is used for the audio quality of video and never distributes the audio as video. You will get the exact timing of the audio and video. There is no difference in timing of both audio and video platforms and you can enjoy the video properly without any hassle.

Speech-to-Text/Text-to-Speech/SRT: It is the most required feature while making videos for different countries. If you want to make your video popular worldwide then you have to work on subtitles, so everyone can understand it. It will improve your editing efficiency and will provide you feature to convert audio into text. It is also useful for both who doesn’t have to dub artist for voice-over.

HDR: It is mainly for semi-professionals and professionals who have HDR (Highly Dynamic Range) on their devices. You can edit the video that is made in HDR on other channels which allow viewers to watch it easily. You can edit, preview and export your video to Filmora.

Why film is liked by YouTubers?

YouTubers keep looking for software that helps them in editing videos without having any previous knowledge or experience. YouTubers have to hire professionals for video editing which is expensive and takes lots of time to get their video for uploading. So, it is time taking process. But now, Filmora comes with the best features that allow them to make any type of editing in their video and have a very easy user interface. YouTubers can now edit their video without having any expertise in video editing.

Pros and Cons of Filmora:

Here are a few Pros and Cons gave:


  • Filmora is full of different types of features which are available and you can use it freely without any worry.
  • Filmora is very affordable in price and you don’t have to pay much money for it.
  • Filmora has professional features in which you can edit videos.


  • Filmora has fewer features as compared to other video editing software.

Purchase plan:

You will get 3 plans to choose from and can get access to use Filmora. You will amaze by seeing plans at such low prices. You just have to visit the Filmora website and have to check if one is suitable for you.

How to download it?

It is very easy to download Filmora from a website and can download it on any device and get access to edit videos without any hassle.

Get access to today:

You can get your access today and start editing videos on your device. You will love the editing features which are available to make your video impressive and watchable.


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