Best Thermal Food Containers To Keep Your Food or Beverages Hot or Cold


The innovative Italian design of this thermal jug, also known as vacuum jug, makes it unique. Made from durable plastic, it has an ABS exterior body with translucent components capturing the light and adding elegance to the product. Inside, a top quality double wall vacuum refill, that ensures long-lasting thermal insulation up to 12 hours for hot and 24 hours for cold beverages. The external body has a twist-off cap, and a practical lever opening, so no more wasted time opening bottles after mealtimes.

The thermal jug is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite hot beverage or fresh juice. It’s not only functional but also beautiful with its sleek design that will bring extra joy for anyone who sips their favourite refreshment


The Tuttocaldo food servers are made of an insulated double-walled body and lid, in top quality food-safe plastic material. They provide excellent thermal performance when it comes to carrying or serving hot or cold foods respectively! The ceramic baking dish can be used for cooking in the oven,  then stored inside this sleek looking server so that the meal will stay at the perfect temperature for hours; all you need then is just to lay it on the table and wait for your guests. These thermal food servers, also known as insulated containers or thermal containers are great for keeping around because they are not only very functional, they also look good, sitting out on your countertop, decorating your kitchen or dining room.

Tuttocaldo thermal server keeps food hot or cold for hours without altering the taste or quality of your recipes. The side-sliding lock-fastening system guarantees simplicity to use, and easy carriage and, most important, maximum hygiene even when transporting your food. Excellent addition in any kitchen; perfect if you’re looking at maintaining dishes such as pastas sauces that need some time out before eating (think: lasagna noodles), stewed meats like roasts but not just red meat! It can also store cold food –useful when wanting something light yet still delicious at your next dinner party.


Mediterraneo’s double-wall body and lid are made of food-safe plastic, with insulation made from polyurethane foam. The stainless steel inner guarantees top thermal performance in any environment!

The stylish and durable thermal food carrier will keep your food hot or cold for hours without changes in taste. The safety locking lid with easy side-sliding handles ensures that no one is going to end up burnt. Plus, its modern design makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen!

As opposed to other carriers, it has unique features which make it stand out. You can use its flexibility for many different occasions such as having an elegant picnic or taking part in a caravan trip where everyone needs their own meal at some point served at your elegant table


The THERMAL LUNCHBOX – THERMAL AND STACKABLE LUNCHBOX is perfect for transporting food in a way that ensures its safety, as well as offering the possibility to store either hot or cold food into each compartment.

The thermal lunchboxes Hot & Cold are composed of a welded double-walled thermal body and lid, made of food-grade plastic material, with internal EPS insulation, plus an inner lid with a silicone valve for use in the microwave.

They are spill-proof.

They can be stacked up to 3 lunchboxes, thus offering the possibility of inserting food at different temperatures (hot/cold) in each lunchbox.

They are essential for transporting and serving food hygienically in any situation, ensuring excellent thermal performance.

The handy snap-on side hooks ensure a perfect lock of the lunchbox, allowing it to maintain the perfect temperature of the food for hours.

With these handy holders, you can take your meal with you on any adventure: school or work break; picnic in parks near home or outdoors—even as long camping trip cookware! It is a great mate that can be used also in the microwave, to re-heat only or fridge. It has an easy-grip handle, and it’s dishwasher safe.


The thermal cake carriers is the perfect way to transport your desserts in style. This large thermal cake carrier not only holds cakes, and pies but quiches as well! Thanks to its thermal performance, with Fresh &, Carry you can consume desserts, parfaits and other specialities even after hours and without any change in taste or freshness.

Your desserts have never been so easy to transport.

Made of plastic material for foodstuffs, it has four gel packs positioned under the base/cake tray.

Ideal for hygienic transport and outdoor use, on the beach, on a boat, during a picnic…


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