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The walls of your home are one of the most underrated interior designing elements. Though interior designers know how crucial perfect wall decoration is, we fail to understand its importance. Designing the walls of your home with splashes of creativity seems to be the most intriguing part of home decoration. You have several elements, sizes, colours and designs to choose from, giving wings to the inner designing enthusiast. But before you choose what to buy and how to decorate your room, you must have a fair idea of what counts as the perfect wall decoration.  Know how to do it? Well, below we have a list of wall decoration items that you can buy. There are some tips you must keep in mind while shopping. Do not wait, scroll ahead!

Hand Wall Painting: Every painting narrates a story of its own. We recommend you to go for hand wall paintings. Artists pour their hearts out with paints and imagination for hand wall paintings. The vibrant splashes of colour add life to the boring walls of any room in your house. Some tips that you must consider before buying a hand wall painting online are: 

  • Do not be scared to experiment with designs and colours. Colour popping is the best. In a room full of neutrals, a unique and bold coloured hand wall painting would look great. 
  • Look for the right frame. Some do not blend well with frames. Go for unframed hand wall paintings for such pieces. 
  • The hand wall painting must hang at eye level.
  • Support your favourite artist. Select a hand wall painting of your favourite artist and make their painting your own.

Canvas Art: Looking for canvas art to revamp your home decor? Visit our website to buy canvas art online.  If you wish to buy canvas art online, you must remember a few points.

  • Firstly, decide the vibe of your room and then select the canvas art you want to buy. 
  • Secondly, choose a piece that blends well with the existing scheme, for example: buy a minimalistic canvas for an already busy room or buy a striking pop art canvas for a room with neutrals or plain.
  • Thirdly, know that the thickness of the canvas art matters. If your artistic masterpiece is too protruding, it will be an obstruction to your room decor. 

Wall Plates Decor: Beautify your walls with intricate detailing, popping colours and astounding wall plates decor. Wall plates decor is one of the wall decorations items that make any boring wall very quirky. To buy wall plates decor online

  • First, select the wall where you wish to place it. We advise you to choose a monochrome wall that would make the design on the wall plate stand out. 
  • Decide what message should the wall plates decor convey? It must surely identify with your style, being your replica. 
  • Try colour popping. Choose a bold shade and tonality of the wall plates decor that brighten up the room. 
  • Oversized plates are underrated. You can also play with jumbo wall plates decor for your room.  

Metal Wall Art: This wall decoration is one of a kind. Metal wall art adds splashes of gold, silver, copper and bronze to the dull walls of every home. If you are looking for a home decoration item that signifies magnificence and luxury, metal wall art is what you must try! Before you buy it online for your home, see the following tips we have in the box for you. 

  • Keep in mind the metal wall art orientation if you are putting up two or more pieces. 
  • Your metal wall art must not be too big or too small. 
  • Place it on a wall with neutral shades(or monochrome!). It would make the metal wall art look more vibrant and intriguing. 
  • Select the metal wall art by style. Select the metal wall art in a style that matches the furniture. 

Wall Clocks: What is the most underrated home decoration item? Surely, it is wall clocks. Wall clocks online, with a variety of designs, shapes and sizes make room for experimentation and exploration. Wall clocks online not only serve their contemporary purpose but also give a tangent of style. We are sure you’ve rarely seen wall clocks online as a stylish home decoration item. We often notice the functional aspect of wall clocks. Some tips to buy wall clocks online are:

  • Select a wall clock online that goes best with the essence of your home decor. (Contemporary, boho, modern or minimalist)
  • Try creating a light and dark combo. Light coloured wall clock against a dark coloured wall & vice versa looks stunning. 
  • Decide if you want to go for an analogue or digital wall clock. Choose an analogue piece if you want to make your room more artistic.  
  • Do not rush. Explore, compare and then buy. With various options of wall clocks online, first, compare and then buy the best piece for yourself! 

These were some tips that you should keep in mind before you choose the perfect wall decorations. Hope you found it helpful!

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