Best Travel Deals on Luxury Escapes Travel App

Booking a holiday is quite a task. There are tens of things to look after and tick off your checklist before you finally embark on the journey to your memorable destination. It’s so much easier if you have everything you need for your travel – flights, hotel booking info, places to see, things to do, et al – all under one roof. And where can you find all this info in one place? In a travel app!

Luxury Escapes perfectly understands the need for convenience for today’s travelers. This is why their very own travel app contains all the essential details that you can possibly need to book your next luxury retreat. The app can be easily downloaded on an iPhone, Android mobile device, and iPad, free of cost, so you can go ahead and book your favorite luxury escape at the touch of a finger.

Why Book Your Lavish Holiday on Luxury Escapes Travel App?

Downloading the travel app of Luxury Escapes is not just going to make it simpler and convenient for you to book your trip but also lend you a host of additional benefits such as:

1. Best travel deals can be found on the app

Luxury Escapes keeps updating their travel app daily with the latest and the best deals on offer at some of their best holiday destinations around the world. This means that by booking on the app, you’re most likely to strike a huge bargain on your flight and hotel bookings. Now that’s something to look forward to!

2. Exclusive VIP inclusions for members only

Luxury Escapes does give preferential treatment to its privileged premium members. If you’re on its travel app, you’re entitled to gain exclusive access to their VIP inclusions available to members only. On the app, you’ll be able to unlock several exclusive offers and travel deals that are not to be found anywhere else.

3. Buy now, decide travel dates later

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you loved a holiday deal on offer while browsing through an app but you weren’t really sure when you could actually plan that trip?

It happens to all of us at some point in time. But that should not mean that we lose out on such an amazing deal, right?

Luxury Escapes understands this common traveler dilemma perfectly well and so their travel app includes the exclusive feature of buying and saving a deal before actually finalizing the travel dates!

4. Not sure where to holiday? Let the app help

If you aren’t quite sure on where exactly to enjoy your next luxurious retreat, Luxury Escapes travel app has you covered. There are plenty of options to help you book only the choicest travel destinations around the world. In addition, complete details on flights, hotel booking assistance with full honest reviews, and the current deals/offers on tours are also provided on the app. All in all, a super-smooth tour booking experience is assured on the Luxury Escapes travel app.

5. Create your very own wish list of dream escapes

The app would also allow you to create and save your very own personal wish list of all your favorite luxury escapes as you find them browsing through the app. Your choice could be based on unbelievable deals on flight or hotel bookings, or the beautiful sightseeing places, or the exciting activities possible on the destination. Whatever may be your reason, you can simply add the place to your wish list by tapping the heart icon against the destination.

6. Convenience at your fingertip

This has to be the best part of your holiday booking experience on the Luxury Escapes travel app. Every single thing, every minute detail that you need to book your perfect luxury escape is all available at one place on the app. Just one touch of a finger and a world of options opens up right before you! It’s super simple to find, manage, and book your future trips.

7. Don’t have all the fun alone; share your travel plans with loved ones

Holidaying is fun when you do it with the ones you love. This is why Luxury Escapes travel app allows you to easily share all your travel plans with your friends and family so that they can choose to join in your fun as well. You can share the links of your favorite holiday destinations with anyone you like via SMS, email, WhatsApp, or even on social media.

Luxury Escapes travel app can be downloaded for free on the App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and Google Play Store (for Android devices).  

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