Best video editing tips for beginners in 2021- with commonly shared

In any industry, videos are in high demand. They attract and hold people’s eyes longer, generate more interaction, are simpler to percent are shared most commonly.

Video is so beneficial as advertising, rebranding, and interaction technique that the ordinary internet user devotes up to 88 per cent more time on a website using videos. Customers become 93 percent more engaged as a result of their interest.

While this is undoubtedly beneficial to the marketers who create the videos, it also appears to benefit the viewers, as 54 percent of consumers say they want to see more video content from businesses and brands.

However, if your video isn’t seamless and professional, it may shed lots of its charm, mainly if it’s an advertising clip.

A video that has been poorly handled is considerably less prone to be seen all the way across. It also has a lower likelihood of receiving likes and shares.

A video that is simple to follow, grasp, and glides and transitions easily from one moment to the next, on the other hand, can convert even a dull marketing campaign into a chart-topper. Frankly speaking you should also play around with features like AR stickers and AI portrait.

So let’s take a look at some recommendations for turning your videos into solid brilliance, with a spotlight on stuff you can do after the shoot to make the project look flawless. Editing, like filming, demands a good combination of both ingenuity and tacit expertise. In this news piece, we are aiming to serve the purpose of video editing much more quickly and effectively by offering you several helpful suggestions, methods and ‘brainteasers.’ We have also tried to ensemble our expertise knowledge to discover the best software to edit a video, stay tuned for that part. Until then, let’s go through some hidden video editing tips- waiting for you to become a pro.

  • Grab the free stuff first:

Tutorials on Video Editing are available to view everywhere.

Tutorials for making amazing video content can be found on YouTube, blogs, and educational websites. The majority of the tutorials you’ll find are free, making them much more affordable.

  • Bring the 321 rule in your life:

The 321 rule should be followed by video editors adopting any tool, just as artisans know from the start to gauge twice and carve once. Keep three copies of anything you make in at least various places, one of which should be physically isolated from the others.

  • Get away from the burnout:

Editors can grow desensitized to the material after working on the same assignment for a long period. By taking a leave of absence and coming with great clarity, you can keep your audience’s standpoint while also putting yourself in the greatest position to make the finest editing decisions.

  • Get a hold on those hearts:

As marketers compete for viewers’ publicity and attention, the scene has become congested. Because internet viewers have complete discretion over what they watch, the quicker you can convey and grab their interest in the initial few seconds, the better.

  • Choose the best software:

Getting the correct tools is one of the most important aspects of editing. It can be challenging to decide which editing software to use because there is so much available on the plate. Usually, the most excited ones aren’t just worth the hype. As video editors, we all want to have software that is loaded with features, capabilities, options and, at the same time is inexpensive. One such software You must have heard about is Wondershare filmora v10.4 with AI portrait filter and AR stickers feature. It is beginner-friendly and will swiftly take from a newbie to an expert in video editing.

Why Wonder share filmora v10.4 is the Awesomest video editing tool everyone should use?

  • AI portrait-

We all are fans of Portrait, but will you believe it if I say you can portrait mode your video too- sounds fanatical- but it’s true.  Smart artificial technology with the help of AI portrait has been merged by the advanced video editor to dynamically erase a video background. The notable characteristic in Filmora can rapidly erase the background, highlighting the front object, without requiring Green Screen or Chroma Key effects. This feature is hard to come by in other commercial editing applications. Gamers, academics, and online content makers are likely to benefit greatly from the technology.

  • AR Stickers-

With film or you are about to get an awesome collection of 40 face AR stickers in version 10.4. (Including animals, accessories, and popular characters). After adding a sticker to the timeline, it detects the human face instantaneously and adds its magical effects.

  • Newly added stock media option-

Users will be able to unleash their creativity while also saving time in the editing process. Filmora V10.4 now includes an inbuilt stock media option, allowing users to browse hundreds of images and clips directly from the original interface. Users may search, download, and import media assets straight from Pixabay, Giphy, and Unsplash, among other stock photo sites.

  • Animation for Custom Titles-

Users of Wondershare Filmora V10.4 can now use keyframing to create bespoke title/text motions animations. Users will be able to create aesthetically beautiful and distinctive video presentations for their audiences with this brilliant feature.


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