Best Ways to Get Cardio into Your Day

Starting a new cardio routine is exciting, but it can be a little hard to stick with it for long periods. The motivation goes fading once we begin to have troubles concerning the routine. You probably ask yourself, “how can I create a cardio habit that I can stick with?”. Don’t worry! See the best ways to get cardio into your day.

1. Go slow and start low.

People often mistake starting a cardio routine with strenuous exercises, thinking it will bring faster results. Don’t do that. You must go slow and let your body and mind get used to training cardio. After all, you are starting to create a habit, and your body needs to take its time to get used to it. Start with beginners’ friendly exercises.

Experts recommend a general progression based on 10% weekly. For example, if you run 20 minutes on a day during a week, you should run for 22 minutes next week. Do the exercises when it is better for you, but preferably early so you won’t lack the motivation to do it.

2. Set reachable goals.

You are not going to lose 10 pounds in one week. At least not healthily and safely. You must set reachable goals that will push you, but not too much. If you try too hard and set ultra-difficult goals, you are going to lose the motivation real soon once you aren’t able to reach those goals. Also, it is much better to train less but train every week, than train for 4 hours once a month.

3. Be aware of what your body is feeling.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Listen to your body, see how it is feeling. Remember to stretch before exercising. Breaks are essential during exercises, so take them. Drink water during the day, since water helps your body to recover. Exercising is not always the most pleasing thing that will happen to you, but it shouldn’t be painful. It should be tolerable.

4. Find exercises that make you feel good.

Find exercises that you like to do. Don’t force yourself into an activity that doesn’t give you some pleasure. Experiment if you don’t know which practice is good for you. Dancing, running, swimming, Pilates… The options are infinite.

5. Consult an expert.

If you don’t have any experience in training, especially training alone (if that is your case), please consult an expert. Exercising is all about exercising correctly, and a personal trainer will help you create a fair and helpful cardio routine.

6. Use the proper equipment.

Cardio can be challenging initially, but you will love it once you see the results. However, many exercises require proper equipment that will help you achieve the best result. A large exercise mat is a need for cardio exercises, for example. See this home workout mat 7mm thick made with natural rubber and intended for home-based cardio workout from S36 exercise, for example. It will help you to train correctly and safely.


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