Best Weapons in World of Warcraft

What’s the best weapon in the game World of Warcraft? There are plenty of different weapons in WoW, but here are the top best ones! Below, we are going to tell you which weapon is best for each class, the stats of these weapons, and what kind of damage they deal! Do try the game out when you take a break from your best australian casino gambling.

World of Warcraft Best Weapons

i. Best DPS Weapon by Class – Fire Mage

The Ice Lance! The ice lance has a whopping 100 + damage per second. It also reduces the cooldown on your Flamestrike ability by 2 seconds with every hit! This helps you get more hits off while being able to cast it faster. The frost nova does additional damage based upon how many times you have used Flamestrike before using Ice Lance. You can increase this amount up to 250% extra Frost Nova Damage, making this the most powerful attack available for fire mages.

ii. Best DPS Weapon by Category – Shield

The shield has the lowest base damage out of all the melee attacks. However, the shield gives you 4 energy when blocking an incoming blow or spell. Energy can be spent on abilities such as Arcane Torrent or Explosive Shot, increasing their power. The shield block also applies to healing spells like the Prayer of Mending. When you roll through mobs quickly, the shield will stop them from attacking you if you block at least half of their blows.

iii. Best DPS Weapon By Category – Shadowfury

The Shadowfury is considered the strongest ranged weapon that can be wielded by a shadow priest.

iv. Best Melee Weaponby Class – Maul

The maul is the primary weapon for warlocks, which adds 5% damage to the warlock’s damage output. Warlocks also have access to two other ranged weapons in addition to the maul. These include the Cataclysmic Bolt and Voidwalker pet. Both give 25% increased damage to demons, however, only the cataclysmic bolt deals any direct demon damage.

v. Best DPS Skill – Soul Link

Soul Link allows the user to instantly teleport to another soul-linked player . All players share one health pool, so if either party member dies, so do both. Soul Link is useful for escaping dangerous situations and reaching hard-to-reach places.Did know that at casino online you can play your fovarite game whenever you like.

vi. Best PvP Ability – Bloodlust

If you manage to kill someone during combat, their corpse becomes invulnerable and they start to heal themselves. Once they die again after 30 seconds, they become vulnerable again and will begin taking damage. After 3 minutes, if they die they explode, inflicting 50 to 75 physical damage to everyone around you. Your own armor absorbs all of this damage. Note, this effect cannot occur outside of battle. During the 15-20 minute timer, Bloodlust does not consume spirit charges.


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