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Running a business is time-consuming, and the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours upon hours running payroll each pay period. The traditional method of payroll involves looking up each employee’s unique information and figuring out individual paychecks based on specific salaries and hourly wages. Unfortunately, managing these matters manually eats up valuable time, money, energy and company resources.

However, the traditional method of payroll isn’t the only option these days. Your company may have switched to one of the multitude of online payroll services ages ago. While these services are a step in the right direction, the next evolution of payroll is here: Beti.

Here is what you should know:

Introducing Beti

Beti is an online payroll service unlike any other. Powered by Paycom, Beti is the payroll service that is run by employees themselves.

Originally, employees had already been running almost every HR task that made up payroll for themselves already, including timecards, benefits, expenses and vacation requests. Now employees can attend to the actual task of payroll themselves.

Beti guides employees through every step of the payroll process before submission, identifying errors along the way. This directly results in improved data accuracy, reduced employer liability, increased process oversight and increased employee insight into their pay that is unparalleled with any other payroll service.

Employee Benefits

At the heart of every company is its employees. As such, they deserve to take control over their finances and understand all that goes into the payroll process. Luckily, Beti provides just that.

With Beti, employees can see their paycheck before it is even processed, giving them insight into the deductions, expenses and other factors that go into calculating the amount they see come payday. Through Employee Self-Service®, employees can see how their pay is changed based on tax withholdings, promotions and more.

Not only can employees see the breakdown of their paychecks, they also run the numbers independently. Beti alerts employees on their devices when action needs to be taken before payday, providing employees with a self-guided process for approving their paychecks.

As a result, employees can have more trust in the accuracy of their paychecks, which directly translates to higher engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.

Employer Benefits

Best of all, Beti doesn’t just benefit employees. Employers can receive just as many if not more benefits for themselves and their company with the use of Beti.

Before Beti, payroll was always run by upper management, no matter if it was through the traditional payroll method or an online service. Now employers can enjoy a much more hands-off approach to payroll with fewer steps in the process and the complete elimination of data re-entry.

Because employees take care of their own payroll, employers do not have to stress over meeting the needs of every worker, which allows them to rest easier. This also leads to fewer corrective fees for payroll errors because virtually every error is caught by the employee before submission.

Why Companies Need Beti

Beti completely revolutionizes the world of online payroll by giving employees the power to run their own payroll. Not only does this empower employees through the increased clarity and control of their paychecks, but it also decreases the liability placed on employers to produce an accurate payroll each pay period.

Is your company ready to enjoy the benefits of Beti? Learn more today!

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