Betta Fish Spitting Food out – Why It Happen






Betta can be seen in aquariums and pet shops as an ornamental fish. It is famous for its beautiful appearance with abundant colors and beautiful tail fins. Betta is a predatory fish. But, unlike piranhas, it does not attack humans or animals. Daphnia and small aquatic organisms are staple foods.

In the breeding environment, betta fish can eat whatever food you give them. But, considering the nutritional value, solid food and artificial food are best. Generally, betta fish carry a strong image of eating anything.

However, even such a betta fish food sometimes refuses to eat or spits it out. If you don’t see the usual amount of food, you may be worried that your betta fish may be ill. To solve this problem, you need to know why your betta fish are spitting food out.

Portion Too Big For Your Betta Fish:

The grain of food may be too large for a betta fish body. Or even if it is put in the mouth, it may not be swallowed well and may spit out. The same is true if the food is too hard.

However, if betta fish suddenly start to spit out the food they have been eating without any problems, they may be tired of taking food. Once betta fish get tired of it, they will not be able to eat it easily.

Therefore, it is good to switch to another type of food and see how it looks.  You can even give two or more types of food daily to change the taste. If you want to buy betta fish food or attractive looking fish, there are many betta fish for sale.  

Eating too much food:

No matter how sticky it is, once you’re full, you can’t eat anymore. These facts are also applicable for betta fish.  Especially when your betta fish are hungry, it is highly possible that they are eating too much food. 

Therefore, if you can’t review the amount and frequency of food, it takes a big burden on betta’s digestive organs. Don’t feed more than they need just because it can lead your betta fish to death.

New to the environment:

When the environment changes due to moving, we humans may not be able to express ourselves due to anxiety and tension. Betta fish is the same, immediately after celebrating from the shop to the new environment. It can be said that betta does not eat the food from the owner’s vigilance.

In such a case, do not try to force them to eat. But you should feed them little by little while watching the solid-state. If betta fish don’t eat anything for a long time, you should watch over it until they get used to the new environment.

Illness and loss of appetite:

When a betta fish loses appetite, the main cause is that they are getting sick. Even it can also happen for any unusual appearances such as bacteria.

If you find any of the symptoms sick, curing the illness is a top priority overfeeding. Promptly perform treatment according to the symptoms, such as salt bath and medicine bath.

In addition, betta fish can be sick due to the sudden change of water. You must often develop water quality. And treating the disease and reviewing the water temperature and water quality management method once again.

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