Black Friday – Is It Really The Best Shopping Day?

Everyone is looking forward to the best deal this day!

You are one of those long lines, waiting for a year to come, until everyone bursts through the door with curiosity and waits for a deal.

My friends give you strength and success! I never understood the logic of this nonsense, but my friends and relatives are everywhere I can’t wait, and they can go to bed or line up for dinner.

Now they have Black Friday in their heads – you can get the best deals and the best sales, but to take advantage of that, you have to be there for a few hours in God’s time of danger. It’s over, it’s dark when it’s your turn, it’s dark when you go to the store

Black Friday Mania.

How can people leave me turkey, fillings, cakes, potatoes, green lentils and football? I don’t understand what people are thinking. Will you help me? I think these are the hardest jobs on earth, and they do it faithfully all over the world every year. I think it’s an epidemic that hurts people.

Have you ever seen stories or videos on YouTube of how people fight for toys for children, I mean their struggle is over! People are being trampled, the police are ready, how crazy now!

If you inform the vendors and protect the police, it can save a few bucks for things you don’t have, whether they hurt or kill them. You want it anyway! I mean seriously, really?

Black Friday makes me feel like a laugh, but you’ll never catch me in this nonsense. My own daughter and her dad really lined up on the best bye for a great TV, a cheap donkey, he took my baby out of the cold, (she was 14 at the time), but still My baby because he didn’t. She didn’t want to pay the regular price, the TV show she loved, even though she was shivering in the cold!

Oh, I mean, it’s something that people really want to love, and it doesn’t matter what I think, it doesn’t matter how I feel about it, I will never be angry with the things that make people happy with their families. It’s Black Friday so they can get what they need for Christmas!

If you want to enjoy my home and make as much money as possible and know what you can do for the store when you need it, it doesn’t matter if I have something to sell. Yes, you can always do it on my Black Friday. . For you too!

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One business day of the year is the most important business day of the year. What day Really black friday Black Friday is the second day after Thanksgiving and is usually the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is called the “official” start of the holiday shop, and the holiday shop usually starts very early vidit here for Discover More

Where did the word Black Friday come from? The name has a very dangerous effect, but in reality it is a very positive app. The same verse is quoted in an accounting passage. When the numbers in the calculations are negative, they are often written in red ink and with positive values ​​in black ink. The term was coined in the early 1980’s and refers to the period when the seller’s earnings range from red (losing money) to black (making money). Of course, there are some traders in the business who rely on the profits of this trading season.

What Happens to Big Business on Black Friday? Some call it confusion. Some call it nonsense. In fact, it is not very real. Why is he so stupid? Because people like to raise money, people like to buy gifts, and the best day of the year is Black Friday. On Black Friday, big sellers sell big on the hottest items. The sale includes giant TVs and five-dollar toy equipment. Most items are described better than what people expect to pay on the second day of the year, and the amount of these items is usually limited. These two factors combine to make Black Friday a highly competitive event.