Borderlands 3: What Does the Updated Version Have for You?

Borderland 3 video game that was developed by Gearbox Software and Gearbox Studio Québec has been updated recently. The game was initially released on the 13th of September in 2019 and received its update on 24th June in 2021. The game is available on platforms like Stadia, PC, Steam, Epic Game Store, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, and Xbox One. All the new exciting stuff is coming in Crossplay update that the players have been waiting for.


Crossplay has been added in the game of Borderland 3 that would make the game even more exciting and interesting. The crossplay will be across platforms such as Xbox Series X/S, Mac, Stadia, and PC through Steam, Epic Game Store, and Xbox One. The players would be required to set a display name for the crossplay for matchmaking functionality. The display name should be unique. The players would also be able to change the display name from the section of Account details.

The Revenge

An interesting fight between Joey Ultraviolet and Joey’s underlying gang will be available. The player would also be recruited for another shot of revenge. Revenge is against brutes that had broken the arm of Saurian. This new update has more themes, cosmetics, and various new challenges. Every event will give the key to another event. A lot more exciting challenges would be provided in the game to the players.

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Seasonal Events

With the update of this game, the players would be allowed to play any seasonal event of the Borderland 3. It is though not just limited to mini-events but rather all the seasonal events. From every boss fight, the players would be able to earn or re-earn the seasonal events. Another point to be noted is that only one seasonal event will be active at a time. If you have participated in the event earlier, then your progress would not be available for reset.

Level increase

Another interesting update that might excite every player is the increase in the speed of the game. The level cap has also been increased by seven levels to around 72 levels. The skill points may go up to 70 points. With the increase in level, the players will be able to engage themselves with the game at a greater intensity.


After the mini-events, the players would be involved in the finale that is ultra-challenging. The effects of the mini-events would be active which means that every trial boss would get a boost to the health. There would be around 72 levels provided if you can reach that level by defeating the powerful enemies.

The Borderland 3 video game has been updated with these interesting lists of the feature. The game is now more fun as the levels have also increased. This will provide the joy of killing more enemies in the game to the players. So, start playing this updated version of the game with your friends and family for more fun and entertainment. The updated version of the game indeed will enhance your experience while playing it.


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