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In a world full of myths and facts, at times it gets overwhelming what to believe and what to not. From skin, hair, to body, we are often advised by people with a lot of suggestions that may and may not be true. In the context of Personal Grooming, we indulge in several practices for our bodies, working on our appearance and personality. We consistently keep on looking for the solution to groom our bodies, at times ending up believing in certain myths too. Here are some common false statements that we all hold about body grooming. It’s never too late to put an end to these misconceptions and we are here to help you with the real facts which will help you break these myths.

Grooming Myths That We Need To Stop Believing

Myth- Shaving Stimulates Thick Hair Growth 

Fact- No definitely not! This is one of the most common myths we all fall for. However, the truth is, shaving removes hair from the surface without affecting the thickness or the texture. A lot of people go for shaving their body hair as it is instant, quick, and inexpensive. If shaving is done in the right manner and direction, it does not cause thick hair growth. Once you shave your body and allow the hair to grow back the same way, you will realize the hair type is the same.

Myth- Body Hair Leads To Foul Smell 

Fact- This is another myth many of us believe when it comes to having hair on the body but there is no correlation between body hair and odor. As long as you are maintaining personal hygiene by cleaning your body parts thoroughly, having hair on certain areas of the body is pretty normal. Having bad body odor is determined by factors like being overweight, working out, stress or anxiety, and not having thick hair all over the body.

Myth-Don’t Trim If Your Skin Is Sensitive

Fact- When you have sensitive skin, removing body hair can be a daunting task. But it’s not at all impossible if you use the right Grooming Appliances for hair removal. There are a few tips and tricks that every skincare enthusiast should know before starting with the trimming process. Smoother surface, more is it convenient to get rid of body hair. Therefore before using a Body Trimmer, gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells so that while using the trimmer, the blades don’t cause burns and cuts.

Myth- One Should Not Trim Area Above The Knee

Fact: This statement is not correct. Everyone has hair above the knee area and it’s pretty normal. Trimming hair on the thighs is a personal decision and perception differs from person to person. Trimming hair on the thighs is as easy as other hair removal methods. For a pain-free experience, we recommend VEGA Feather Touch 4-in-1 Trimmer for Women. This Trimmer comes with various attachments for the fuss-free process of trimming the nose, eyebrows, face, and private area.

Refer to this ultimate guide to clear your facts related to body grooming and look after yourself in a better way.

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