Bridal Guide: Trending Hairstyles With & Without Veil

When you are planning for your wedding day, the first thing you will think about is to buy a wedding dress in Dubai along with bridal accessories. And then, the next question is – What am I going to do with my hair? Yes, hair-dos! From ponytails, twists, to braids, the wedding hairstyles are pretty endless. 

But, if it’s your dream to walk down in the aisle by wearing a gorgeous gown and a cathedral veil, then what hairstyle will you prefer? 

To help you get started in choosing the trending hairstyles, we have picked up the trending hairstyles that will work the best for all the collections of bridal dresses in Dubai.

What Hairstyles Look the Best With a Veil?

Brides love to wear a veil, as it’s a symbol of a traditional wedding. But unfortunately, not all hairstyles are suitable for veils. So, we have collected some hairstyles that can help you achieve the look you want.

  • Birdcage veils are an excellent choice for shorter hair, as well as chignons and buns can suit a vintage vibe.
  • Mantilla veils can suit the best for brides with long hair whether straight or wavy. Also, keep in mind that if you have long hair, then it should be paired with a veil of length the same as your hair length.
  • If you want to wear your hair down, then it’s easy to wear a veil with a tiara or headband. This style works well for cathedral-length veils and ball gown wedding dresses. Browse the collection of Dubai wedding dresses online to find the best wedding dress and other bridal accessories that will make you look beautiful on your special day.
  • Buns, ponytails, French braids, and top knots work well for chapel or cathedral veils. All you need to do is – just to hairdo first and then pin the veil underneath the hairstyle.

Wedding Veil Alternatives

Maybe you have dreamt of having a wedding with a veil. But after seeing the limited possibilities of hairstyles with a veil, you may want to try some other wedding veil alternatives. If you don’t want to wear a veil on your special day, then you can go with plenty of other options which can give a more elegant touch to your ceremony.


From classic strands of pearls to floral beads, headbands are a chic and unique way to boost your wedding hairstyle without a veil. Like other bridal accessories, headbands also come with a variety of styles, and colors to choose from. If you’re looking for a classic piece, then you can go with white headbands made up of lace or grosgrain. For something to grab the attention of the guests, you can opt for a colorful piece with crystal-lined beads.

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Crowns and Tiaras

Without any doubt, you’re the queen of your special day! There is no headpiece other than crowns and tiaras that can make you look and feel like a queen. Whether you’re looking for a simple classic one or something sparkling, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you have planned for a themed wedding, you can prefer a floral crown that matches the color theme of the wedding venue and your wedding dress.

The above mentioned are just the two ways to upload on your special day. You can find out many bridal hair accessories by shopping for wedding dresses online in Dubai.

Is it a Must to Wear a Veil on your Wedding Day?

There is no rule that a bride should wear a wedding veil on her special day. If you don’t want to include a wedding veil, then you can prefer some other accessories to complement your look and to give a finishing touch to your bridal attire. Whether you wear a veil or are not interested in wearing a veil, the point is to look and feel yourself in beauty, comfort, as well as just to wow the guests while walking down the aisle with the beautiful wedding gown purchased from bridal dresses Dubai.

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Time to Look like a Queen!

Hope this hairstyle guide helps you to determine whether to have a wedding veil for your wedding day or not. Whether you choose chignons as an updo or you prefer to have wavy hair, just make sure to go for something that suits you, your personality, and most importantly your wedding dress. With veil or without veil, you’re the queen of the day, so enjoy your day to the fullest! 



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