Bright, Bold And Beautiful Gold Bangle Designs

Bangles are a staple of Indian jewellery. No traditional look is complete without bangles. Both married and unmarried women love to wear them. A pair of gorgeous gold bangle packs a strong style punch. This is one piece of jewellery that won’t be left lying in your jewellery case.

Bangle making has been experiencing a revolutionary transformation in the past few years—we at Vaibhav Jewellers use technology and innovation to stay ahead of the competition. We have all kinds of gold bangles designs, from conventional heavy gold bangles to contemporary lighter pieces– suitable for women of all ages, from babies to grannies.

We, as a brand, understand the need of our customers. Thus, we focus on creating unique gold bangle designs that appeal to your specific tastes and requirements.  Our forte is to strike a perfect balance between traditional and modern elements, to create something entirely fresh and one of a kind. Clustered Wheat Grain Gold Bangles, Cheery Beaded Gold Bangles, Ornate Golden Orb Gold Bangles, Holy Deity Broad Gold Bangles are a few examples of it. Each of these models reflects a fusion of an old-world charm and a modern touch.

Antique gold bangle designs are timeless pieces. You’ll see much regal influence in this type of jewellery. These bangles are usually heavy and a bit ornate like Antique Polki Bangles, Round Ruby Antique Gold Bangles, Temple Gemstone Antique Gold Bangles, 22KT Deep Nagash Antique Gold Bangles, Swirly Gemstones Antique Gold Bangles etcetera.

With the rise in the popularity of meticulous gold bangle designs, machine-made pieces are in demand. These bangles possess truly excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. 22KT Plain Machine-made Fancy Bangles, 22KT Plain Machine-made Fancy Bangles, 22KT Plain Gold Machine-made Bangle, 22KT Plain Gold Machine-made Bangle are few names from the list. We bet these stunning wrist-wears instantly become a part of your lehenga, party gowns and even your denim pairs.

A significant chunk of our customers belongs to the nine-to-fivers. For them, the sound of jangling bangles is a big no-no. It is against any office dress code. So, we have an extensive range of light, daily-wear gold bangle designs, owing to their practicality, convenience, and versatility.

e.g. 22KT Gold Kolkata Fancy Emerald Bangles, 22KT Ruby Emerald Studded Gold Bangles, Sophisticated Ruby Gold Bangles, 22KT Plain Gold Fancy Bangles, and the like fall under the 10 to 20 grams category.

If you want to go a bit high on the weight range, select from gold bangle designs like 22KT Plain Gold Bangles, 22KT Ruby Emerald Gold Thin Bangles, 22KT Plain Gold 4 Set Enamel Bangles, 22KT Gold Fancy Enamel 2 set Bangles, 22KT Plain Gold 2 Set Bangles, 22KT Plain Gold 4 set Bangles, Kolkata 22KT Gold Dolphin Bangles, 22KT Minimalist Gold Bangle Set, Modern Sleek Gold Bangles etcetera.

It would be best to match your gold bangle design with a lovely gold chain design to get a perfectly coordinated look. We also have some brilliant gold chain designs like Rope Gold Chain, Thali Gold Chain, Fancy Gold Chain, and Daily wear Gold Chain to enhance your pretty neckline. We don’t limit our jewellery collection only to women. We have dedicated segments for men too. From wrist-wears to gold chains, men can enjoy their share of glittering happiness too.

We suggest you pick up your favourite jewellery from our collection and create your own style statement!


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