Building Automation Guide

What is Automation?

Automation is a cross-platform game and application creation tool that has been designed to be as intuitive and powerful as possible. With Automation, you can easily create your games and applications while still providing the flexibility needed to achieve even the most complex of tasks. It has been designed with the following goals in mind:

Advantages of Building Automation

1. Easy to use

Most of the time, you will be able to build your game without writing any code. Where code is required, it is designed to be as easy as possible to understand and edit. It is ideal for people who want to create a game but don’t want to spend hours learning a programming language.

2. Powerful

Automation provides you with the tools you need to build a game. From graphics to audio, networking, and physics, Automation handles the majority of the needs of your game, but where it can’t, it has been designed so that it’s easy to integrate with other systems.

3. Cross-platform

Automation is designed to run on all major platforms, including mobile, desktop, and web. It gives you the flexibility to create games for almost any platform.

4. Enhances security

Automation introduces several security features that are unavailable in similar development tools. These features include:

  1. Encryption for all files, including source code.
  2. Debugging tools to track down and fix crashes as quickly as possible.
  3. Security checks so that you know if someone has been tampering with your game.

5. Free and open source software

Automation is free for anyone to download and use for whatever purpose they want, whether creating games or learning more about game programming.

6. Extensible

Due to the flexibility of Automation, you can use it in many other areas of software development. It allows you to use graphics and sound while creating a game. It also means that the tools available are always up to date, giving you more complete sources for your games, such as case studies and tutorials.

7. Visual script editor

The Automation API has been designed with a visual editor that makes it easy for you to create an application from scratch. From there, you can continue with the editor by adding simpler components, such as graphics, audio, and physics components.

Types of Building Automation Solutions

1. Energy management solutions

These are the most complex solutions that can be developed by building Automation. These solutions will measure and control the entire physical structure of a building, which could be as big as a commercial structure with several elevators. These solutions can manage anything from lighting systems to temperature controls.

2. 3D modeling solutions

These are typically used to create a basic 3D model of a room or building, allowing you to create parts easily placed into your application.

3. Structural analysis

These solutions help to analyze the structure of a building by finding defects in the building and creating a list of repairs that need to be made.

4. Lighting control solutions

These solutions help control lighting systems in buildings, whether for Security or aesthetics.

5. HVAC control systems

These solutions help control and manage the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

6. Power distribution

These solutions help to create a circuit board that helps to connect all of the parts in your building together.

7. Smart building navigation solutions

These solutions help create a building navigation system that helps people navigate the building using their devices.

8. Remote control solutions

These solutions help create a system that helps control the building remotely from another location.

Building automation systems can be used in various ways, especially in the commercial industry. These systems’ versatility can help create applications for anyone, from real-estate agents to homeowners looking for a way to automate their homes. These systems are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial realm and are expected to increase in the future.


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