Buying A Mattress For Kids?

Use a firm, flat and waterproof mattress in good condition

When you are in the market for a kid’s mattress, you should invest in a firm and flat mattress with a waterproof cover. It helps keep the mattress clean and dry since the waterproof cover could be wiped down. Read this IKEA mattress quality guide.  If second hand the mattress should be in good condition and fit the cot or Moses basket properly.

Avoid using soft or bulky bedding

Baby sleep bags or firmly tucked-in blankets are ideal for a baby to sleep in. The blanket should be below the shoulder height and all toys should be removed from the cot before the baby sleeps in it. Make sure to sleep your baby in the feet-to-foot position while avoiding using bulky bedding such as duvets, quilts, and pillows.

Pillows can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Pillows when used alone increase the chances of SIDS occurring by up to 2.5 times. If you have to use a pillow when sleeping your baby due to concerns of flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly, there are techniques to do so without increasing the risk of SIDS. Plagiocephaly will usually correct itself within the first year of your baby’s life. If you think your baby’s condition is severe, you should consult a doctor for corrective treatment.

Your baby should have plenty of parent-supervised tummy time during the waking hours in order to minimize the time they spend on their back. Also, make sure your baby doesn’t sleep on harder sleep surfaces including car seats and other travel equipment.

Our advice for using second-hand mattresses

Most parents use second-hand mattresses from family, friends, or previous kids to sleep their newborn baby. There is some research to indicate that secondhand mattresses brought from outside the family home can increase the risk of SIDS. But the link is not 100% proven as yet.

In order to reduce the risk, the secondhand mattress should have a waterproof cover and shouldn’t have any rips or tears. It should be in good condition and firm and flat to help your baby sleep safely.

Remove cot bumpers

Once your baby starts to roll and move in the cot, cot bumpers can increase the risk of accidents. There are many cases where infants have been entangled in the material and ties of the cot bumpers or fallen from pulling themselves up on the cot bumpers. The best mattress for your kid is a simple mattress without loose bedding or bumpers. This type of mattress is the safest sleeping place for your baby. Make sure you do your research properly before shopping for the best mattress for your kid. That way you will save time and money and protect your kid by investing in the best type of mattress for your kid.


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