Calculating Home Moving Cost Is Challenging but Not Impossible






Moving to a new home is associated with the thrills of starting an entirely new chapter. However, there is also the pressure about kids’ school, lifestyle changes, cultural bonding, and more. Nevertheless, the existing worry is about what will be the cost associated with moving home.

Home moving is expensive, and no one desires to add extra expense. There are ways to overcome this challenge. Learn how to calculate home moving cost. It will help to compare DIY moving costs and hiring professional removal company charges.

If you reside in the Melbourne, then use the cubic meter calculator on Easy Peasy link. Easy Peasy offers hassle-free moving service from its four Melbourne Depots.

What removal companies charge?

Volume/ Size of the house belongings to move

It is the space amount your belongings will need. It is a standard unit defined in cubic meters. More household things are equivalent to more space needed to accommodate them, so there is a need for big removal truck. The cost of a house with move number of rooms and members will have cost more.

To reduce the cost, de-clutter your home by donating, sell, or give away belongings you do not need or will be taking along.

Approximately the breakdown of what a removal company may charge you:

  • AUD125/hr for using two movers to accommodate one-bedroom apartment belongings
  • AUD 175/hr for using three movers to accommodate small three-bedroom apartment belongings
  • AUD 245/hr for using four movers to move huge three-bedroom home belongings
  • AUD 315/hr, for using five movers to move large family home belongings

Labor hours

It is an estimated hours that the labor forces will need to load and unload. Things like distance from removal truck to home and hauling downstairs will affect calculation. The minimum charge they consider is two hours per man.

If the number of things to load and unload is lessened, then the labor hours also decreases. Measure the furniture to get an idea if it will fit in your new space and avoid unnecessary haling cost only to find it does not fit.


The fuel cost from the pick-up destination to the delivery location is considered. They can even charge from their terminal to your home. As the distance between pickup and delivery point is fixed nothing can be done. Check the fuel charge difference between new and old addresses. If the charges differ a lot among different removal companies, then find what route is taken and why.

Additional home moving services

Packing materials, packaging services, disconnecting & reconnecting appliances, disassembling & reassembling the furniture, cleaning, storing insurance, and special moving equipment add to the cost.

Tips to reduce moving cost

  • Sell stuff you do not need, to attain some extra dollars to boot.
  • Be flexible in moving dates because the moving charges are high during holidays and weekends.
  • Pack on your own. Ensure to label every box, so you are aware of the items packed and which room to unload them too.
  • Perform the house-cleaning task associated after moving to save more.

DIY removal is not a good idea because moving can be tiring and demanding. Professionals ensure that your home moving experience is safe and smooth.

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