Can CBD Oil be Mixed Into e-Liquid?






Mixing CBD oil and e-liquid is a popular thing in the CBD world. On the other hand, vaping is a more preferred technique over smoking as it has lesser adverse effects on the human body. While vaping is fun and more convenient, tisane CBD nuit has effectively addressed a wide range of health conditions like insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and possibly cancer. Mixing CBD oil and e-liquid and vaping the resultant can take your vaping experience to the next level.

How to Mix CBD Oil and e-Liquid

First things first, decide the amount of CBD that you wish to take. Before you start mixing your CBD oil, you must assess the amount of oil that your body can digest in the day. This helps you only incorporate the product that you can deplete. Ensure that whatever you prepare does not go beyond 24 hours. This is because it may be hard to preserve the mixture after 24 hours. Here is how you can mix the two products.

Mix Your CBD Oil and e-Liquid in Your Desired Proportions

Mixing the two products is a straightforward process. It is simple and depends on how you intend to vape the end product. Start by collecting all the required items such as a small clean jar(with airtight lid), separate measuring jar, your CBD oil, and preferred e-liquid. Pour a few droplets of CBD oil in the small clean jar, and then add your vape juice. Close the jar and give the mixture a vigorous shake. Within a few seconds, you have your tasty e-liquid.

Alternatively, you can directly add a few drops of CBD oil into your vape juice tank. If you are new to vaping, you need to be very accurate with the measurements so that you don’t make mistakes.

Precautions When Mixing CBD Oil with e-Juice

It is crucial that you only add CBD oil to vape juice that does not have contain nicotine. If the two combine, you could get a very terrible and unpleasant taste. Even more, nicotine reverses many CBD oil effects, which reduces the mixture’s effectiveness. Additionally, be careful when choosing differently flavoured CBD oil and e-liquids, as the taste could be unpleasant. As you choose your two main mixtures, you should consider the resultant’s taste first.

The Benefits of Vaping Your Mixture between CBD Oil and e-Liquid

It Treats Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, commonly known as adult-onset diabetes, affects people in different ways. Besides causing your wounds to heal slowly, it also causes chronic inflammation that can be hard to deal with. The combination of CBD oil and e-liquids has a generous amount of anti-inflammatory properties that combat diabetes.

It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are the world’s leading problems. After cancer, mental health is the second-largest health issue affecting people. It is a silent killer that needs serious attention. Thankfully, CBD vape oil can quickly alleviate your stress and anxiety, as well as depression. You become calmer, happier, and experience better moods. This is because the combination has mood-regulation properties that help your brain produce serotonin and dopamine( the happy hormones). In the end, you sleep better.

It Contains Neuroprotective Effects

CBD vape oil contains antioxidant and neuroprotective properties that reverse neuroprotective effects in your body. Once you consume it, your body inhibits symptoms of psychosis and other psychiatric disorders that you could be going through. In the long run, you can effortlessly ward off neurological conditions such as cerebral ischemia and Parkinson’s disease.

It Treats Epilepsy

According to world statistics, over fifty million people have epilepsy. The disease causes frequent seizures, which can be uncomfortable and unsettling to deal with as it hits when you least expect it. CBD vape oil reduces recurrent seizures and gives epileptic patients more stability.

It Alleviates Chemotherapy Side Effects

Living with cancer is disheartening. It is even more heartbreaking when you have to show up for chemotherapy constantly. While it kills cancer cells, the procedure may also cause side effects. After the sessions, you may experience nausea, inflammations, seizures, and vomiting. CBD vape oil alleviates these side effects and boosts the functionality of the chemotherapy.


As you have seen above, it is very easy to mix CBD oil and vape juice. You only have to follow the guidelines and the warnings discussed in this article. Combining the two products in the right way elevates your vaping experience and makes you enjoy the overall vaping experience. Besides the beautiful experience, you also get lots of benefits from CBD oil and e-liquid.


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