Can electrolytes help with hangovers?

The worst part of drinking is a hangover. Unfortunately, despite all our wishes, there is no magical cure for a hangover. However, there are certain steps that you can take to help ease the process. The best option would be to drink a ton of water and load yourself up and electrolytes before you go to bed. Electrolytes and water do not prevent hangovers, but they will help relieve the ill effects of the hangover. If lucky, they may even stop a minor hangover.

Why does alcohol cause a hangover?

We all know that drinking more than the normal limit of alcohol will cause a hangover the next morning. However, most people do notunderstand why this happens. A few reasons how alcohol contributes to the hangover are

  • Dehydration
  • Digestive issues and vomiting problems
  • Balance of electrolyte levels in the body
  • Vasodilation
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Low levels of blood sugar

Here is how rehydration powder can help you beat the hangover in the fastest way possible.

Rehydration powder contains electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and finally, calcium. Maintaining the right level of electrolyte balance in your body is the key to staying healthy and avoiding hangover side effects. This is why hydration powders and electrolytes are said to be the best hangover cure.


When anyone thinks of rehydration powder, they think of hydration. Without the presence of electrolytes, the body will not be able to balance water levels between the cells. Alcohol creates an imbalance in electrolyte levels in the body, which needs to be restored to get rid of hangovers. This is where the rehydration powder comes into the picture. It rebalances the electrolytes and reduces the effect of hangovers.

Maintains the nervous system

The brain is responsible for sending messages and communicating with all of the body. However, this communication involves electrical signals. These electrical signals are generated when there is a change in electrolyte levels. Potassium and sodium are the two electrolytes that migrate within the nerve cells to allow for the movement of electrical signals. Without this movement, the electrical signals will slow down, and you will feel slow.

Muscle movement

The electrolyte in muscles is what helps the muscles relax and contract. When there is a signal from the brain, muscles use calcium pumps to contract and magnesium to relax. In the absence of electrolytes, muscle contractions slow down. Rehydration powders allow the muscle to function better.

Can electrolytes really cure hangovers?

When you drink alcohol, you lose water and create electrolyte balance. Part of your body becomes dehydrated under the influence of alcohol, but the body cannot regain back the electrolyte balance without external supplementation. If you hydrate yourself and Japanese electrolyte levels after drinking, there is a chance you may be able to avoid the dehydration side effects.

Therefore, there is no doubt that rehydration powders are the best hangover cure. They not only reduce the hangover you are facing but also prevent the hangover from occurring if taken at the right time.


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