Can Home Windows be Repaired?






Do you have a problem with the glass windows in your home? Talk to the expert team at Lock and Roll – the local professionals regarding all window and door repairs throughout Sydney.

No matter the setting, be it home or high rise, Lock and Roll are trained in all glass window repairs, maintenance and new installation.

Repairs for Glass Windows: Trust the Professionals! 

There are many different window types found in Sydney homes, with varying styles of opening, security features and more.

The primary glass window types that need rectification work include double hung windows, which slide up and down, awning windows, which swing out from the top, casement windows, which are hinged at the side, and the typical sliding window, which slide horizontally.

Lock and Roll technicians arrive armed with all of the most common replacement parts, including locks, latches, handles, chain winders, hinges and stays.

The new components come with full warranties, look great, and importantly provide years of extended use, with corrosion free construction ensuring an extended service life.

Sliding windows, meanwhile, can have faults with rollers, seals and mohairs, which can be damaged by wear, weather and time.

Lock and Roll have the know how to fix glass windows that whistles in the wind, and if the window is damaged beyond repair, have the ability to install brand new windows.

Sydney’s Window Repair Experts 

Why should you entrust your home window repairs to the team at Lock and Roll?

Our fully qualified window repair Sydney technicians are the experts in their field, with their in depth knowledge of window and door repairs placing them at a distinct advantage to the “do it yourself” handyman.

Not only are Lock and Roll the professionals when it comes to domestic repairs, but the company also has extensive systems in place for working within the framework of strata title premises, as well as in the commercial settings.

This translates to peace of mind for the customer, with repairs carried out quickly and efficiently, with the full factory warranty for all parts used, as well as limiting workplace health and safety implications of having under-qualified internal staff carrying out repairs on commercial jobs.

Another strength of Lock and Roll is the company’s industry associations and accreditations, with the business carrying a full Master Security certification, so you know you are in safe hands.

Lock and Roll stand behind the quality of our work, which we pledge to be of the highest level, while we also value the importance of our customer’s time, so if a technician is going to be late for a scheduled appointment, they will phone ahead as a courtesy.

Another strong point of the business is our policy of no hidden fees – the quote provided by Lock and Roll stands – we are one hundred per cent up front with our pricing structure.

So trust your window and door repairs, maintenance and installations to the experts at Lock and Roll!

For a free of charge quote with no obligation, talk to the team today – contact us via this web page, or call us toll free on 1800 203 377!

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