Can Kief Go Bad?

Kief contains all the psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana after they have been separated from the plant material. It can be consumed by itself or used as a supplement to any dabs, edibles, topicals, or other concoctions. The taste is bitter with a hint of spiciness. In this article we will discuss whether or not kief can go bad. In this respect it is similar to other parts of the bud.

Does Cannabis Kief Last Forever?

It lasts forever! Just kidding. It will last for quite some time but not indefinitely. If stored at room temperature kief may keep anywhere from one day to several months before it loses potency, typically on the lower side of that equation. Heat and moisture are what causes kief to go bad so placing it somewhere too warm wet will cause it to lose its potency.

What Happens When Kief Goes Bad? 

When kief goes bad it is no longer psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high if ingested in any way. If it’s still moist or has fungi growing on it, discard immediately because that can make you sick. You don’t want to use moldy weed for anything! Assuming the kief doesn’t contain any moisture and isn’t moldy there are still physical characteristics to look out for. The color of your kief may change over time depending on how long it’s been since the trichomes were separated from the plant material. This can result in a more golden-brownish hue compared to its original form, sometimes with dark spots of THC within the crystals. If you’re not a fan of this color shift then just use it as a cost saving method and remove more of that plant material before converting the cannabinoids into something else!

How Can I Store Kief?

You want to make sure if you store kief in a place with heat or moisture at all, even something as little as leaving your container on top of a warm computer, that it is contained somewhere airtight. The best practice for storing kief is to keep it in some type of airtight glass jar away from sunlight. This will ensure the longest potential shelf-life of your product!

If you see any white or greenish crystals forming on your kief, remove them immediately. Those are signs mold may be present and should not be consumed under any circumstances! A type of white fungus can grow on old kief which is okay but if it’s something different definitely DO NOT CONSUME that product.

Does Kief Go Bad? No! It will last forever. Well, almost. If stored correctly you’ll have perfectly fine kief to use for quite some time before it loses potency or begins to take on an unappealing appearance/odor/taste due to heat and moisture damage. As with all things it’s important to store properly if you want the longest shelf life possible without affecting the quality of your product!

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