Can Stairlifts Fit on Narrow Stairs?






In the last few years, demand for stairlifts has been on the rise. This is because of an increase in senior people (aged 65+) living alone and who are not able to make it up or downstairs by themselves.

Often people ask “Can Stairlifts fit on Narrow Stairs? Can they even fit at all?”

The answer to it is “yes, most stairlifts can be fit on narrow stairs, but it may take a little more work.” These are the questions that many people have asked us over the past decade. So, to find out whether stairlifts are feasible on narrow stairs or not; let’s explore some questions?

What experts check for assessing the narrow stairs for stairlift installation?

The experts check whether there is any obstacle that may get in during the installation. Do they see any potential problems with things like doorways or stairs? Any sort of furniture that is already installed on the staircase? With these considerations, the surveyor analyses and determines whether a stairlift can be installed or not on narrow stairs.

Is it possible to cut the rails of the stairlift?

No, you cannot cut the rails of a stairlift. If you would like to shorten your stairlift, a new extension kit needs to be installed.

Is there any weight limit for stairlifts to install on narrow stairs?

There are many models available that will not only fit but have a weight limit for narrow stairs.

It is recommended to measure the width of the stairlift, both before and after installation, to make sure whether it will be safe if you plan on having people over 300 pounds ride it.

Most stairlifts are made with weight limits up to 350 or 400 lbs, which are perfect for most homes that use them.

Is it possible to fit a stairlift to every staircase?

The stairlifts come in different types & weight capacities. Before deciding to install a stairlift, homeowners must measure the width and depth of their staircase.

Not sure? Call an expert for home access solutions. They will be able to guide you in the best possible way.

How much time does it take to install a narrow stairlift?

Generally, it will take 3 to 4 hours for installation. The time required is dependent on the staircase’s measurements and the type of stairlift you are installing.

A stairlift can be installed in an hour or two if there are no obstructions.

If stairs are too narrow to fit a stairlift, then it generally takes longer to install the stairlifts due to the configuration of tight stairs.

How much space is needed to install a stairlift?

The distance between the stairlift and the first step should not be less than 18 inches for a stairlift to fit on stairs. Stairlifts should also be installed no more than 24 inches from the wall. If you are unsure, you can measure your staircase with a tape measure to ensure that it will fit before purchasing it.

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