Can We Give CCNP Exam Directly Without CCNA?

CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is a professional-level certification that tests the breadth and depth of an individual’s knowledge in a specific technological area. There are five technical areas: Data Centre, Security, Enterprise, Service Provider, and Collaboration. 

All these CCNP courses require individuals to appear for two exams – one core exam and one of the concentration exams. 

Is CCNA Mandatory To Give The CCNP Exam? 

Cisco offers several certifications across five levels – Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. Last year, the Cisco certification program underwent many changes. Earlier, the CCNA credential was one of the prerequisites to earning the CCNP one. 

There are no formal prerequisites to appearing for the CCNP exam and earning the CCNP certification as per the latest changes. Therefore, you can appear for the CCNP exam directly without CCNA. 

However, it is recommended to seek the CCNA training and certification, as it helps individuals build foundational knowledge of networking. Applicants appearing for the CCNA exam often have three to five years of experience working in their specific technical domains. 

Pursuing the CCNA certifications has become more manageable now, as there is only one CCNA exam. This exam covers networking and security fundamentals, programmability, and automation. Moreover, it covers the use of APIs, network management, and controller-based architectures. 

Earlier, CCNA included ten different technical areas and respective exams. 

When To Pick CCNA Over CCNP? 

 Generally, people choose the CCNA path to kick-start their career in the networking domain. Having any Cisco credential listed on your resume increases the chance of getting hired by top companies. Though you are already in the networking industry, the CCNA credential is the best choice. 

Suppose your job role is associated with networking and you are in this field for a few years. In that case, you may directly choose any of the CCNP’s technical areas, matching your job responsibilities. But picking the CCNA course before CCNP is always the best decision. 

Technological Areas In Cisco Certified Network Professional 

1.CCNP Enterprise

The CCNP Enterprise certification demonstrates that individuals possess the skills in implementing enterprise networking solutions. To earn this credential, one has to appear for one core exam – 350-401 ENCOR and any of the below concentration exams: 

  • 300-410 ENARSI
  • 300-415 ENSDWI
  • 300-420 ENSLD
  • 300-425 ENWLSD
  • 300-430 ENWLSI
  • 300-435 ENAUTO

1.CCNP Security

Professionals with the CCNP Security certificate can implement adequate security solutions. This certification requires applicants to appear for a core exam – 350-701 SCOR and any one concentration exam: 

  • 350-710 SNCF
  • 350-715 SISE
  • 350-720 SESA
  • 350-725 SWSA
  • 350-730 SVPN
  • 350-735 SAUTO

1.CCNP Collaboration

The CCNP Collaboration credential tests professionals’ skills in working with collaboration solutions. Individuals have to give two exams – the core exam, 350-801 CLCOR, and one of the below concentration exams: 

  • 300-810 CLICA
  • 300-815 CLACCM
  • 300-820 CLCEI
  • 300-825 CLCNF
  • 300-830 CLAUTO 

1.CCNP Service Provider

Professionals possessing the CCNP Service Provider certification can implement service provider solutions. The core exam required to earn this certificate is 350-501 SPCOR, and concentration exams are as follows: 

  • 300-510 SPRI
  • 300-515 SPVI
  • 300-520 SPAUTO

1.CCNP Data Centre

The CCNP Data Centre course enables candidates to learn about implementing data centre solutions. To earn this credential, one needs to appear for the 350-601 DCCOR core exam and one of the below concentration exams: 

  • 300-610 DCID
  • 300-615 DCIT
  • 300-620 DCACI
  • 300-625 DCSAN
  • 300-630 DCACIA
  • 300-635 DCAUTO

The CCNP certification cost depends upon the technical domain you choose. Before appearing for the CCNP exam, make sure you hold at least three to five years of experience in the specific field. 


Depending upon your knowledge and experience, you can go with CCNA first or directly to the CCNP course. If you are a newbie to networking, pick CCNA and if you possess working experience in networking, choose CCNP. 

CCNA and CCNP are the most sought-after courses and aid you in gaining industry-recognised networking skills. 

With the help of Koenig Solutions, you can get access to practical training for all Cisco courses. This training organisation is employed with experienced and skilled instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs) who assist you qualify for any certification exam. 

Moreover, you get lab sessions for practising, which is significant for any Cisco exam. Therefore, Koenig Solutions is a prominent leader in providing CCNA or CCNP training. 

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