Can You Take A Break From Using Your CPAP Mask?

CPAP machines effectively treat sleep apnea, and many patients have improved their symptoms of drowsiness, congestion and snoring by using the devices. Setting up a CPAP system at home is simple, but traveling with a machine and mask is more challenging when you have limited space. A campsite or room at a hostel isn’t the best location to use an electronic apparatus, but is it alright to take a short break from the CPAP? Taking a brief pause from treatment can make your symptoms return, but it’s unlikely to have severe consequences.

The Importance of Consistently Using A CPAP Machine

Whether you prefer using a full face mask CPAP, hybrid, nasal mask or nasal pillow mask, you should try to use your CPAP system when you travel. It’s a hassle to bring along a device that takes up so much space, but the benefits of the treatment outweigh the inconvenience. Before going camping or staying in an area without electrical outlets, you can browse the list of the best CPAP machine 2021 and select a battery-operated device.

CPAP machines are much smaller than models from only a few years ago, and a portable device is smaller than most tablets. When you pause your treatment, your congestion and other symptoms can come back and disrupt your sleep. Although missing a day or two may not be catastrophic, it will affect the quality of your sleep. Sleeping in a strange place while traveling can be difficult for people without sleep apnea, and you may struggle to get restful sleep and have enough energy to enjoy your travels without your machine.

Healthy Nighttime Routines That Shape Your Life

Adjusting to a CPAP machine can be frustrating, but you can make minor changes in your schedule to make the transition easier. CPAP devices can treat apnea symptoms, but they’re more effective when you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Nighttime Snacks

Before turning in for the night, sometimes it’s tempting to have a small snack or a large one. Although a midnight bite is satisfying, it can interfere with sleep and disrupt the digestive process. If you frequently get hungry before bed, try to eat dinner later and refrain from snacks before bedtime.

Electronic Distractions

Some CPAP users prefer using hybrid masks or nasal models to watch television or browse on their phones without having their vision obscured. It’s hard to distance yourself from digital devices before going to bed, but you’re likely to see an improvement in how fast you fall asleep when you read or listen to music instead of watching the news or viewing online videos.


Getting your daily exercise is tricky when your work schedule is hectic, but you’ll see a significant improvement in your sleep if you try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Equipment Maintenance

Philips Respironics CPAP machines are exceptional devices for treating apnea, but they’re ineffective and potentially dangerous if you don’t clean and maintain the equipment. A dirty CPAP system can lead to a respiratory infection, but you can avoid an issue by inspecting your machine and cleaning your mask and dehumidifier. If you sanitize the mask and hose and then dump and clean the humidifier every morning, your equipment will be ready to go at night.

After establishing a CPAP routine at home, traveling with the mask and machine will be less stressful. If you’re having issues with your mask or device, contact an online dealer for information on new mask designs and portable machines.


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