Can Your Moving Company Move My Firearms?

The moving companies officials often get asked whether they move firearms or not? Well, if we are supposed to answer this simple question briefly, yes, most of the moving companies do move firearms but under strict rules. No matter which country or state you belong to, the authorities require you and the moving company to follow laws made by the Government. You should never conceal the facts from the moving company if you are carrying firearms with the other household.

Now that moving firearms is legal, you need to know that moving companies would only offer their services if you are willing to carry firearms as they suggest. The moving company would move firearms when

  • The firearms are licensed
  • You have the record
  • The firearms are correctly packed
  • The firearms are correctly labeled
  • You have a peaceable Journey Law permit

The firearms are licensed

Law only allows you to keep and move licensed firearms, holding unlicensed ones is not only punishable by law it’s against ethics as well. The Philadelphia movers would not have any issue in carrying the firearms if they are licensed.

You have the record

By record we mean, model and serial number of all weapons. Having the record is not enough to move firearms, you must be willing to show it as well. The budget movers Philadelphia or other moving companies would not hold the record but they would check it at least once before sealing the deal.

The firearms are correctly packed

The moving company and law do not allow you to move firearms if they are not packed appropriately. To be able to carry firearms, you need a box or trunk that is safe and can be locked. Place the firearms in a way that they are pointing towards the opener. Even if the gun is not loaded, treat it as if it’s loaded.

The firearms are correctly labeled

If other moving boxes need to be labeled so do the firearm ones. The firearm boxes can not be labeled as “firearms, handled with care” they should rather be called “accessories” or something similar. You can not use guns or similar words as well. The packing and label should be so ordinary that no one can guess it contains the guns. Only the owner and moving company should know what the trunk or box contains.

You have the Peaceable Journey Law permit

Packing, labeling, and the company’s approval are not enough to carry firearms around. You need to get a permit and guidance from Peaceable Journey Law as well. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you can legally move the firearms around safely.

As a responsible firearm owner, it is your duty not to keep the weapons safely but to move legally as well. If any moving company or the firearm owner tries to move against the law, they would be held accountable for that.



Yes, most moving companies do allow you to move firearms but on certain conditions. 9 out of 10 companies do provide such services. The moving companies would only allow you to move firearms when you have the license, record, the firearms are properly packaged, labeled, and the Peaceable Journey Law Permit.


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