Car Crash Record Checklist to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

When you get into a car crash, you want to request financial compensation from the insurance company or file a legal claim. Of course, this will naturally lead to you hiring a lawyer for representation.

However, the best way to secure a win doesn’t stop with hiring the right car accident injury lawyer. You would also want to give them all the facts they need.

Below, we’ve compiled a car crash record checklist to have on hand when meeting your lawyer.

Car Accident Report

When you get into an accident, one of the first things you do is call the police. This is useful to receive immediate support, but they will also file a car accident report that will be useful as evidence.

This police report will include the relevant details of the accident and the scene. They may have claims from different parties involved in the crash, as well as statements from witnesses. The reports can also contain their position on who they feel was responsible for the car crash.

This can be one of the most critical pieces of evidence to have when trying to prove your case. When going to your attorney, make sure to request a copy of the car accident report from the police.

Your Insurance Information

Whether or not you are at fault, your lawyer will likely need to see your insurance policy. This helps them understand how much coverage is available to you if the other party cannot cover your costs.

When passing over insurance information, make sure to have a copy of the insurance policy and documents of conversations between you and the insurance company.

Medical Reports and Bills

When you get into a car accident case and sustain injuries, you must get your medical reports and bills. These are important to support your claims regarding the financial cost of the car accident. That way, if the insurance company wants to dispute your claim, your lawyer can simply point to the existing records to show that you did suffer injuries.

Even more so, having medical bills will give your lawyer an idea of how much you should be able to receive for your financial compensation. This will provide them with a starting point in representing your claim.

Payroll Reports

What happens if you get injured and need to miss out on work? You may have to miss wages as a result. In situations like these, your car crash record checklist should include payroll reports that reflect this loss.

In this way, you can talk to your lawyer about your missed wages and help them understand how to negotiate a settlement offer that will acknowledge this issue.

A Car Crash Record Checklist Helps You

If you suffered a car accident and are meeting a lawyer, make sure to go through this car crash record checklist! It can save both of you some time and can build up your case with the necessary evidence.

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