Car Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Car in the Best Condition

Whether you own a brand-new car or a pre-owned one, maintaining it regularly is vital to keep it running for a long time, without frequent garage visits. From regularly taking it to a car service station to getting it checked at a garage, there are many things that you need to do to keep your car in top-notch condition.

On this note, let’s take a look at some handy car maintenance tips that will keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.

Try to Keep it Simple

The first and foremost important thing that you have to keep in mind is that don’t complicate stuff. Simply follow a normal and straightforward car maintenance routine and stick by it. The secret to keep your car in perfect shape is by getting it maintained on time. Therefore, whenever you see or experience any problem with your car, take it to a garage. Don’t delay it because it can make the problem worse.

Regularly Check & Change Engine Oil

Another pro tip for running your car smoothly for a long time is by keeping its oil levels in check. So, you must develop a habit of checking your car’s oil levels at least once a month. By doing this, you can know if there is any potential leakage in the pipes or not. Additionally, you should never forget to change your car’s engine oil. Make sure to change it after every 3000 miles or 3 months, whichever method seems more feasible to you.

Check Transmission and Differential Oils

Other than engine oil you have transmission and differential oils in your vehicle too. However, you don’t need to check and change them regularly. The general rule for changing and checking transmission oils is that you’ve to do it after every 30,000 miles.

However, if you own a front-wheel-drive car, you don’t have to check the differential fluid because they’re already being shared with your transmission fluids.

In rear-wheel drive, differential fluids are present in the back while in four-wheel drives, they’re located in three different places i.e., front, middle and back. Therefore, you should change the differential oil at the same time when you change your transmission oil.

Get Your Brakes Checked Regularly & Bleed them Often

Brakes are crucial for your safety as they’re directly involved in stopping your car from moving. Moreover, they help in preventing any kind of collision. Therefore, brakes aren’t only essential to keep your car safe but they’re equally vital for your safety too as they can prevent accidents. So, to keep your brakes in a good working position, regularly check the braking fluid. If you feel it’s less or needs changing, do it immediately.

Another thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the moisture. The brake oil catches moisture immediately, which can create problems for your car. This not only causes rust and corrosion but also makes the brakes dysfunctional, This causes them to fail and account for an accident. So, don’t jeopardise the safety of your loved ones and bleed your brakes frequently.

Pay Attention to Dashboard Signs

There are various signs near the car’s speedometer which you must pay attention to if you want your car to remain in working condition. If any of these lights are blinking, you should straightaway check in with your mechanic. Remember that delaying the repairing of a car can cause more damage which will eventually cost you more. Therefore, it is always beneficial to get your car fixed as soon as you trace a problem with it.

Consider the Condition of Your Tyre

Tyres play an important role in determining the overall road grip that a driver can have over the vehicle. However, when you live in a desertic environment such as the UAE, your tyres are damaged before it’s time. Because of this reason, most auto experts recommend getting them changed frequently. You can easily do it by visiting a well-known shop for tyres in Dubai.

In all, caring for your vehicle isn’t as difficult as you may think it to be. Moreover, doing it will ensure that your ride will keep on running trouble-free for a long long time.


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