Celebrate Your Birthday With French Bakery

Do you want to celebrate your birthday from overseas with your family members or friends with a cake that is delicious & at the same time beautiful? If so, then you have to visit French Bakery! They have the best cakes in all of Dubai. They have been making cakes for people’s birthdays and other special occasions for over many years. Their amazing variety of flavors will make you drool with desire, but don’t worry about having too many options because their staff can help you find the perfect one for your day. All cakes are baked fresh daily from quality ingredients and baked at just the right temperature so they stay perfectly moist and flavorful.

Where can I find a reputable Bakery In Dubai To Order Cakes from Overseas?

If you want to celebrate your birthday from overseas in a special way, you can order the cake from a French bakery. Many bakeries offer cakes and desserts in Dubai with different flavors and designs, but French Bakery makes your celebration memorable.

French Bakery delivers excellent services to their customers by serving them delicious cakes at midnight or on time when they need it. You should not worry about how your family and friends will get that cake delivered to home if you Send Cakes to Dubai while staying overseas. During emergency hours delivery is the responsibility of the French Bakery after taking an order for fresh baked goods. It is possible to send same-day delivery service if we place our order before noon since all bakers work hard to prepare the best pastries according to their customer’s taste preference.”

Is it possible to order Bakery Goods Online In Dubai From Staying Overseas?

It’s very possible, and it is done quite often. French Bakery has a website where you can order a birthday cake in Dubai from any part of the world. From there, your cake will be delivered to wherever you are staying on time for all occasions like weddings, anniversary or gala events, etc.

French Bakery also provides a free home delivery facility. If we spend a minimum of AED 45, then extra charges according to the location they have to travel to deliver their pastries at your doorstep within UAE. So what do you want? Go online now and buy something delicious?

Is there any possibility the order won’t reach me on time?

There is always a possibility that something could go wrong during delivery, but this is very rare. If something happens, French Bakery takes full responsibility for getting the cake to your door. We have never had an order not reach its destination, and we are sure that you will be just as satisfied with your cake as everyone who has come before you.

So what are you waiting for? Go to our website now and order your delicious birthday cake! You won’t regret it.


Look no further than our Bakery if you want to celebrate your birthday with a tasty French pastry or dessert but don’t know where to turn. We offer the best of everything from across the pond; we have an extensive menu that includes all of your favorite treats and more! You can order online and even ask for custom orders from anywhere, so there’s something for everyone in the family on their big day.


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