Certificates Attestation or Apostille amid COVID-19 Pandemic – How To Get It Done?

We are aware of how COVID has brought up a worldwide halt and has literally made us confined to the walls of our house – and we think of stepping out of the house only when the purpose is important, maybe in the form of an emergency. Due to the pandemic, we observe that transportation has been facing major limitations, bringing commute in a stationary mode. As a result, we see many of you who are working in a foreign country and are not able to travel back to India – losing the current job is a big reason for this besides the fear of getting COVID positive. Still, for the ones who are seeking a new job, certificate attestation is mandatory.

How to get certificate attestation from India – What are the required documents for getting your certificates attested?

Your worry is understandable and for the same, we have come up with the best solution to all your questions – which you will come across during the course of this information and you will be able to get your certificates attestation done from home, without going anywhere!

What are the documents for which attestation is required?

Educational Certificates

  1. Engineering Degree Certificate, B. Tech. Degree Certificate, B. A. Degree Certificate, B. Ed Degree Certificate, BDS Degree Certificate, Degree Certificate, CA Certificate, B. Com Degree Certificate, C S Degree Certificate, Engineering Degree Certificate, Transcript Certificate, ITI Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate, M. A. Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, M. Ed Degree Certificate, MBBS Degree Certificate, M. Com Degree Certificate, MDS Degree Certificate, MS Degree Certificate, M. Tech Degree Certificate, Migration Certificate, MD Degree Certificate, M. Engr. Degree Certificate, Nursing Diploma Certificate, Mark Sheet Certificate, Nursing Reg. Certificate, Nursing Degree Certificate, PGDBM Diploma Certificate, Pharmacy Certificate, Private Diploma Certificate, P. G. Degree Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Secondary School Certificate, Provisional Certificate, Senior Secondary School Certificate, etc.

Personal Certificates

Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Employment Certificates, Single Status Certificates, Bona-fide Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Police Clearance Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Medical Certificates, etc.

Commercial Certificates

Agreements, Free Sale Certificate, Income Tax Returns, Invoices, Memorandum of Association, Directors List, Licences, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, GMP Certificate, Stockholders Agreement, Packing List, Certificate of Registration, Joint Venture Agreement, Articles of Association, Board of Resolution, and other commercial documents.

Why is certificate attestation needed?

If any individual is going to a foreign country for a longer period of time pertaining to purposes like pursuing higher education, finding employment, dependent visa, changing job, establishing a business presence, indulging in business activities like import/export; then, they are needed to get their documents authenticated through certificates attestation.

What is the process involved in certificate attestation?

Considering the essentiality of certificates attestation, there are several stages involved in the process – at each stage, an authorized body is needed to verify the documents for credibility check. The authorized bodies involved in certificates attestation are the Local Notary, State Home Department, Ministry of Human Resource Development (state level), Chamber of Commerce (state level), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Embassy of the foreign country. It must be noted that the bodies and stages involved in certificate attestation differ from one state to another. For e.g., if a document was originally issued from the state of Kerala, then Kerala’s rules of certificates attestation has to be followed and the process has to be performed in this particular state only.

Various stages involved in certificates attestation are:

Step A: Firstly, the certificates/documents are sent for verification to the concerned State Department.

Step B: When the authentication process is completed by stamping and signing, the certificates will be headed towards the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the verification is completed here, the document will have the MEA Stamp, signature, or Apostille Sticker.

Step C: Post the MEA authentication, these certificates will go for verification to the Consulate or the Embassy of the concerned foreign country where the person will be travelling to or is residing in.

What is the time period involved in the process of certificate attestation?

As mentioned in the above section, the exact process and time taken by the process of certificates attestation vary from one state to another – but generally, the entire process takes a time span of 10 to 25 days.

Documents required for certificates attestation

  • Document Holder’s Passport Copy
  • Original Certificate/Document
  • Copy of the Offer Letter
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs

How to get your certificates attestation done from your home; without going anywhere?

The above information made you come across the comprehensive details of the certificates attestation – from stages to the documents required – we covered it all. Looking at the current scenario, you may have been stuck in a foreign country and are not able to come back due to the prevailing COVID situation – so how to get the attestation done? The answer is ND Universal. All you would be required to do is send/courier them your concerned documents and very assuredly, https://nduniversal.com/ will step up and commence the attestation process immediately. They give utmost clarity of their process, enabling you to get track of your attestation status, efficiently. It is highly advisable to opt for the attestation services offered by ND Universal as they function in the most professional manner and successfully complete the entire process of your documents/certificates attestation.


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