Certified Scrum Master: Details You Need to Know About the Course, Training, and Certification

Adding another qualification to your resume can do wonders for you, especially if you’re thinking about moving ahead in the corporate ladder, and if it’s a course that you can do from the comfort of your home, online, even better. The certified scrum master course is one such option. It is a wonderful opportunity to polish and enhance your skills for working in organizations that have adopted the Scrum framework. If you’re interested to start your career off with a bang or get a promotion in your current job, a CSM course is the way to go. Read on and learn more about this course!

Eligibility Criteria for Becoming a Certified Scrum Master

The eligibility criteria for courses can either be a major obstacle because you may not fulfill the eligibility criteria for certain courses or it may be a boon because you may meet the criteria. The best thing about the CSM course is the eligibility criteria for the same. And why is that? It’s because anyone who wants to do this course can do it. There are no particular eligibility criteria!

If you have a knack for project management and obtain a deeper knowledge base about Scrum, becoming a certified scrum master is perfect for you.

Job roles of a Certified Scrum Master

Having the certification of a CSM can open up a world of opportunities for you, professionally. You will have the opportunity to work for big names in the corporate world, the best of the best companies in a variety of job roles. These roles have been listed as follows:

  •   Scrum Master
  •   Project Lead
  •   Agile Coach
  •   Project Manager
  •   Agile Scrum Master
  •   Program Manager
  •   Automation Engineer

By pursuing the aforementioned list of job roles, you can understand the high value of the CSM certification.

About the course

There is a lot that you can learn from a CSM course online. The scope of the course for becoming a certified scrum master has been delineated as follows:

  •   Fundamentals of Scrum: You will learn about the fundamental principles and theories of the scrum and agile framework and the implementation of the same in organizations.
  •   Scrum roles: the different job roles you’ll play as a certified scrum master.
  •   Scrum ceremonies: Sprint review, Daily Scrum, Definition of Done, Sprint and Product Backlog, Sprint Retrospective.
  •   Improve Transparency: Analyze and assess the level of transparency of Scrum events and improve the same as well as increase the visibility of the team’s work.
  •   Facilitation of Teams: You will learn how to be an agent of change in your organization and facilitate the Product Owner and the Development team.
  •   Core competencies: these competencies will help you protect your team from external and internal threats and distractions.
  •   Servant Leader role: You will learn about how to make your team function in a collaborative manner in compliance with Scrum processes.

Exam details

Another fantastic advantage of doing the CSM course online is the duration of the course. It is easy to complete the course. This course will just take two days to complete. After you’ve finished the course, you need to go through the materials and prepare for the CSM examination.

The CSM examination that you will take is just an hour-long test. This test will consist of 50 questions. All these questions will be multiple-choice questions, so it will be an objective test. The cut-off for passing the examination is scoring 74% and higher. This means you have to answer 37 out of 50 questions correctly, to pass.

 About the certification

When you pass the examination, you will then have to sign a license agreement. This is your license to practice as a certified scrum master. Once you receive your license, you will be a certified scrum master under the Scrum Alliance. This license will last for 2 years. You have to renew it once every two years.

Completing the CSM course will bring about a host of organizational and individual benefits, including an impressive salary hike! 


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