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Ever thought about how people bought things before money? They exchanged commodities for commodities. If one wanted sugar, they would exchange it with something the other person wants. Well, now it has become easier with currencies across the globe. Goods trading is still present with a lot of advancements and strategies. In business, commodity trading can widen the compilation of products the company already owns. Trading commodities take up crucial space in the investment sector. From individuals to professional investors, everybody is interested in commodity trading. It capitalizes the supply and demand. Some of the famous commodities are oil, gold, silver, etc. The trading of commodities with CFDs provides lots of benefits to the investor.

CFD abbreviates to Contracts For Difference. CFDs pave the way to trade underlying assets that do not require buying and selling. When dealing with CFDs, one agrees to exchange the price difference of the commodity from opening to closing the contract. The trading of physical items has many problems like; physically handling them and storing them. Whereas trading commodities with CFDs do not have such drawbacks. They are intangible properties that require only finances. Here one cannot buy and sell assets; it is the contract on the value of the goods. These decide on the value of the derivatives. There are a lot of strategies to trade CFDs

The fundamentals of commodity CFDs

CFDs are derivative products that allow you to speculate on price fluctuations of the underlying assets without taking the actual ownership of the commodity. The price of buying a CFD position is lesser than buying a load of one product. Margin trading is possible with CFDs. This means that you don’t have to invest the total value of the trade. One has to deposit only a percentage of the trade value in CFD.

Another feature of CFD is that one can profit from the rise and the fall of the commodity value. The profit will be the difference between the selling and purchase price.

 Guide to new-bees to trade commodity with CFDs

1. Choose the market

Choose the market you want to trade. There are many types of commodities. These include metal, energy, agriculture, livestock and meat.

2. Select direction

CFD trade is an agreement to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of the underlying asset. One can gain profit even though the prices of the underlying asset falls. These are known as selling or going short. When commodity price falls, then you can sell its CFDs.

On the other hand, the price of a commodity can rise too. In this case, you can buy. or go long.

3. Setting volume

setting volume is an essential step of trading. After choosing the market and selecting the direction, now you decide the units of CFDs to purchase.

4. Risk management tools

Sometimes trading and risks can interlay. It would be a smart move to use the risk management tools. One can add the stop limit (close at a profit) and stop-loss (close at a loss) tools to reduce risks while opening their position. One can even add these tools to an existing position by editing them. These orders execute close at your specified rate to protect your profit. There can be spillage sometimes with these tools. Spillage means to close your position to the next rate than the rate specified.

5. Monitor the position

After a commodity trade position, one should monitor their status. Commodity CFDs do not expire. One can hold both long or short term as long as they have funds in their position.

What are you waiting for? Go invest in commodities right now!

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