Changes which social media has brought in our life

We all know that information technology has brought in huge change in our life in the past twenty years and the most significant of them is the social media. The spread of social media has also been accelerated with the arrival of Smartphone. With the readymade gadget in everybody’s hand with fast Internet connectivity, the spread of social media has been widespread during the past twenty years. Another thing which has spread widely during the past years is playing online games. Earlier people used to go to land based casinos for playing casino games. With the advent of the Internet and Smartphone, many people have shifted to online gaming as it is easy to play from the comfort of home and office. With the gadget in your hand, it is easier for you to play the games online.

As the playing of online games became popular, many online casino websites came into the market. To attract more players, they all started luring more gamers. But as an online player, you need to be very careful as all of these websites are not genuine. For example, if you are interested in playing roulette, you must know which one of the websites is the provider of great roulette system so that your money is not wasted at the end of the game. If the system is good, it will operate fairly and your chance of winning the game will be more.

Now let us come to the point of social media. It has been found that people want to share more information with others in order to nourish and grow the relationships which they make through social media platforms. Initially, social media was used just to make contacts, but now it is being used to promote a brand or create social awareness about any social cause against whom people are fighting. It is also used to spread a social message nowadays. The influence of social media has spread nowadays to the field of culture, education, business, politics, innovation, careers and more.

Social media impact on politics

Of late, it has been seen that in every election across the globe, all political parties use social media platform to garner mass support. All political parties have opened a separate IT management cell for this purpose. In a recently conducted survey, it was found that one out of five Americans take their political view from social media platform. The main reason for this is that people can express their opinion more freely on social media platforms. Social media platform played a major role in making Mr. Obama as the first African American President of USA. Twitter also played a big role in making Mr. Donald Trump as the President of USA. Once marginalized people can now see that there are more people like him on social media group and these marginalized people are coming together and forming a group and trying to create some opinion in the society. This is a major change social media platform has been creating over the years.

How social media is having impact on society

It is a fact that 25% of the population of the world is on Facebook. A recently conducted survey has shown that almost 80% of all the Internet users of the world are on this platform. It is growing very fast because social media helps to feed the interactions among the people and over time, it is becoming very powerful.

Thanks to the growth of social media, it is now observed that every person having marginal views can now feel that he or she is not alone in this world. When these isolated persons cornered with marginal views see that they are not alone in this world, they can form a group, raise their voices through opinion or through publications and then create a mark in the social mainstream.

Many unethical events take place in our environmental, social and political circle and without the presence of social media platform these events would have noticed minimum presence in the social circles. The increase in visibility of these issues has made a shift to the balance of power from the hands of few limited people to the general masses.

Commercial impact of social media

In the age of rising social media, it is hard to find any organization that reaches to its customers quite fast through the social media platforms. Companies have realized the value of social media to get connected with their customers and increase their sales and revenue.

Over time, businesses have come to know that they can use the power of social media to get insight into the customers mind, stimulate more demand and create offerings which are particularly targeted to their customers. The use of social media platform is important in growing traditional brick and mortar business and help to generate more revenue in the e-commerce world.

Many corporate research studies have pointed out that implementation of social network in the workplace can improve knowledge sharing to a great extent. The main aim is improving the project management related activities and in the process help in sharing of expert knowledge among the workforce. At the end of the day, the organization is expected to have more knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

But some companies have also seen the reverse side of this. Social media analysts describe it as the double side effect of the social media. If a particular customer is not satisfied with the product, he can spread a bad message about the company and also their products. This can create a reverse effect and many customers, based on those writings start distrusting the company and also their products. This creates a negative impact on the company profile and its products.

There are also other aspects of social media which also needs attention. It helps to reconnect old friends and also make new ones. Thus it helps to reduce your loneliness in life by getting more like minded friends in the society. Get real Followers on Instagram for your business. Grow your online presence and improve your social media marketing strategy with a custom plan that’s built just for you.


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