Chaos Frequency

By: Elizabeth April

Hello again, beautiful beings of light. Today, I want to talk about vibrational frequency and something that I like to call Chaos Vibration, Chaos Frequency, Chaos Energy. I’ve spoken a little bit or a lot about anxiety, depression, and some other kinds of mental health things that we as human beings all experience on a variety of different levels. When I think about vibration and energy, I actually see it rather than feel it or even have to think about it. Usually, the first thing that comes to me based on my psychic abilities, is that I see the vibrations around me and then I follow up with those vibrations with thinking and the feeling.

Vibrational Frequency & Chaos Frequency

Okay, that’s great! How do I feel about that vibrational frequency? And then, words will come to me like harmony, disharmony, ease, disease, alignment, unalignment, I don’t think that’s a word!?. I’ll get a pretty good idea from the visual. Now obviously, I can discern for myself, what visual vibrations, what they mean, and what these different vibrational frequencies mean when I look at them. Of course, that feeling aspect of the vibrations also helps me discern between, “Okay, I see it, I feel it. Now, what do I think about that?” If I get the message of– if I see the image of a chaotic vibration, and I get the message of disharmony, then I ask myself, “Well, what does that mean to me? What does that mean to my client? How can they stop this? How can they make this better? What’s going on here?”

So, I wanted to talk a little bit further about this energy that I like to call Chaos Frequency. It’s hard to explain because you can’t actually see my hands when I do this, but if you think about the energy of– Okay, I don’t know what it’s called, but you know one of those like super stretchy balls, and it’s got all of these little plastic pieces, and you can expand it and it opens up to this huge sphere, this huge orb, and then you can crush it down, and it looks like these little spider legs that are spiking out? Hopefully, you guys get the picture that I mean, but that is the energy that I see. If you can imagine that kid’s toy, and when the energy is all squished in, it is the chaos frequency. The energy is everywhere, moving rapidly around an individual in all different spikes and dips and valleys in all different directions. And it’s absolutely chaotic. Absolutely 100% chaos.

Okay, now, if you think about stretching that huge sphere, that toy out, and having it be this giant, very smooth sphere, you can think about that as the Calm Energy. When energy is the opposite of chaos, obviously, it’s nice and calm, and there are smooth vibrations. The vibrations are usually moving at a bit of a slower pace, but usually they’re swirling around in this beautiful kind of dance of energy, vibration, and color. There’s usually a rhythm, there’s usually a harmony, there’s usually a connection to the vibration, rather than the chaos that we can see in people who are stressed out, overworked, anxious.

I want to talk a little bit more about what calms the vibration and then what throws the vibration into chaos. And more and more as we enter into this quantum field, we are experiencing entire moments, no matter if that moment is two hours long, five days long, or three months long, we are experiencing entire moments of simultaneously calm vibrations, while simultaneously spiky, chaotic, restless, extreme vibrations. And that’s totally okay. That’s totally normal, in a sense, especially as we enter into this quantum frequency. This is why it’s important to talk about this.

Now, obviously, most of you know how to calm your energy. Calming your mind will calm your vibration and frequency. Being around water or submerging yourself in water. So, taking a swim in the ocean, in a pool, in a hot tub, in a bath. Even taking a shower, even though it’s not a full submersion, definitely does the trick. Lighting things like sage or having crystals around you will help to harmonize, equalize, and mellow out your vibrational frequency. Obviously, calming the mind through meditation, physical exercise, also chills out your vibration.

Usually, your vibration gets into that chaotic state when a lot of things are coming up or wanting to release and purge out in you, but you’re not listening to them, and you just allow it to keep going, keep going, keep going. You’re just not taking the time to either release the vibrational frequency, deal with the emotions within yourself, and move forward. You need to be taking that time in between your daily activities to just chill, set intentions, quiet the mind, be present, and let go of the polarity between want and have and when and how much, and all of those thoughts that we have throughout our day.

When we talk about chaos energy, this energy can be seen in a variety of different ways. But the most important thing is that a lot of the times that energy and vibration of chaos gets very misinterpreted within ourselves regarding what is excitement, what is something that is positive that’s happening within us, and what is anxiety. I believe that the energy and vibration of excitement and anxiety are the exact same, but we just perceive them in different ways.

I see it all as the same. If someone is really, really excited, but also simultaneously maybe a little bit nervous about a big production that they’re going to be playing in, then likewise, that same person three months earlier, is really nervous or really anxious about a big test that they have, I will see their vibrational spikes and their aura and their frequency all as the same thing.

We need to realize that it is our discernment, it is our perception on life that is going to actually propel that vibration into, one, harmonic frequency of a high vibration or, two, a disharmonic frequency of a low vibration. Either way, there are the same amount of spikes, the same amount of quickening, the same amount of vibration that is going to be around you, despite how you perceive it. The more positive you become, the more higher vibrational you become, and the more you change your perception away from being the victim, and into creating your own reality, the easier life becomes to see everything in a positive way, even if it’s something that’s kind of shitty that happens to you.

We need to understand and know how to transmute that chaos energy, because in every moment, we could be triggered into that state of chaos energy, or that state of reaction, because that state of reaction is the same as that chaos energy. Everything is smooth and flowing and calm and aligned, then all of a sudden, something happens that throws off your expectation in that present moment, and you are in that state of chaos, you’re in that state of reaction.

It’s almost like that state of chaos is like three steps ahead of your present moment state. It’s like you’re running, you’re running, you’re running, and then all of a sudden, you run so fast that you trip over yourself. That is that state of reaction or chaos. You are literally vibrationally jumping too far ahead, you’re jumping to conclusions and you’re getting your energy in a bundle. You’re creating this chaos around you. It is completely unnecessary and doesn’t need to happen. You need to start trusting that everything in your life, everything in your reality, you created, you are the universe, the universe aligns everything in your life. Therefore, it’s trust, it all comes down to trust. The more that you trust yourself, the more that you trust the universe, the more you can trust that every moment is so beautifully and perfectly aligned into your life. If you feel that that moment wasn’t aligned to your life, then allow that moment to show you what a better alignment would look like. That’s it!

Change when necessary, but don’t worry, and chaos yourself into this state of frenzy or needing to change or grasp onto something that isn’t happening just because you feel like you aren’t where you should be, you are. Half the time, people don’t want to change, and then the other half the time people are running away and creating way too much change. It’s got to be that healthy balance in allowing the chaos state to show you what the calm represents, but simultaneously allowing yourself to just let go and be in that state of calm, simultaneously.

I want you to maybe go home, maybe you’re at home, light some sage, set some intentions for the moment. Light a candle, take a bath, be at peace, walk out in nature, spend time with your animals or pets, spend time with your kids, and just let go of that chaos state. Anytime you feel yourself veering, I want you to remind yourself that you love and trust yourself. Therefore, you love and trust the universe. Remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be right here, right now.

Once again, everyone, thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re having a beautiful day, a beautiful week. Bye for now!

About Elizabeth April

Hollywood psychic Elizabeth April is a committed Galactic Federation channeller and paradigm shifter who is here to make this world a better place by bringing people together in unity. Her YouTube channel offers you an insight into the unseen. The Matrix, Simultaneous Time, 3D to 5D Shift, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Spirit Guides, Aliens, Awakening, Spirituality, Does God Exist? These are all topics that are covered, along with many more.

Elizabeth April uses remote viewing and astral traveling to seek knowledge beyond this realm. She is here to help increase the vibration of the planet by spreading Truth, Knowledge, and Awakening. Everything in her videos is channelled straight from the source… the Universal source that is!

Check out her recently launched Cosmic Society and her NEW book You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up!


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