How to identify and treat your Child’s Impulsivity Disorder?






Is your child overacting to disappointment, frustration, or criticism? Is he/she is too much aggressive towards other children by hitting, biting, or kicking them? You may think that these are common with every child. Yes, you’re right! But when it happens once in a while, then it’s common, as it looks like every kid’s behavior. But if it happens very often, a child may be facing impulse control disorder, i.e. trouble with self-control. If you’re feeling bad by seeing your child’s activity, there is nothing to worry about, as it can be treatable and controllable.

You may think what is impulsivity disorder? It’s just a matter of maturity. Not all kids are developed with the same level of maturity. Some kids are unable to put on mental brakes to think before they react, and this results in impulsivity disorder. Struggling with impulsivity disorder can create a greater impact on how they feel about themselves and how they mingle socially. So, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your kid to overcome this disorder. To help you with the recovery process, here we are going to discuss the easy self-care tips to manage child impulsivity.

How to Identify Impulse Control Disorder?

The signs and symptoms of impulsivity are as follows:

  • Staring fires
  • Explosive anger and sudden outbursts
  • Poor social skills
  • Yelling & hitting other kids
  • Destroying objects

If you find any of these symptoms in an aggressive way, then it’s the right time to start treatment to manage your child’s impulsivity.

Tips to Manage Child Impulsivity

Treat Your Child to Understand their Feelings

Kids who don’t understand how they feel and who don’t know how to communicate their emotions are more likely to end up with this kind of disorder. For example, A kid who doesn’t know how to say, “I’m angry” or “I’m sad” may show up their anger or depression on others by yelling or hitting.

So, the first step in impulse control disorder is to teach your child how to recognize their feelings. So, they can start telling their emotions; not doing actions. Talk with your kid and make them understand that feeling angry is okay, but hitting or yelling at others when they’re angry is not okay. Also, make them understand the negative consequences of showing anger by harming others or having sudden outbursts.

Teach Problem Solving Skills

Improving your kid’s problem-solving skills can be the right method to control and manage your child’s impulsive disorder. Teach your kid that there is more than one solution available to solve a problem. So, make them understand that if they didn’t find a solution for a problem, think out of the box to find other solutions rather than getting angry or tense. Whether it’s figuring out a math problem or solving a cube, encourage them to use their brain in a calm way and ask them to suggest 3 to 4 solutions for the problem. With this practice, they can get used to taking mental breaks before they act.

Teach Anger Management Skills

As we all know, controlling anger makes a person a better person. So, it’s wiser to teach your kids to control their anger from now on and help them to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. You can make them practice deep breaths and some yoga poses to control their anger and mind. You can even create a calm and cool environment in your house to make them always stay relaxed.

Practice Patience

Being patient helps your kid to think twice before doing something. So, practice patience for your kid. Also, appreciate your child when your child is being patient and gift them with a special prize. And this will give positivity to your kid and they will make a habit of controlling their anger and always prefer patience. Also, kids used to learn from their parents, so, you can also be a good role model for them by controlling your anger and practicing patience.

These are the few self-management tips to manage your child’s impulsivity. With regular practice and discipline, your kids can overcome impulse control over time. But if you suspect that your kids’ activity is beyond control, then it’s a must to seek professional psychiatrist assistance.

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