Choose from the Best Health Plans in Brazil.

Unimed Fortress

How about hiring the services of one of the most qualified health plans in the country? Unimed Fortaleza will give you specialized care in a high level of specialization and quality. Unimed is appointed by most of its customers and competitors as the Best.

Unimed delivers services to individuals and legal entities; moreover, you can choose between individual plans; family plans and business plans. Which package and plan most make sense and juz  to your needs?

Unimed does not require introductions. Owner of one of the most boasted medical lines in the country, several plans will give you access to state-of-the-art structures and appliances. All in perfect condition and highly sophisticated.

If you are seeking to invest with high quality and preparation in your health or the health of your family members, Unimed will be the Health Access Company that will deliver you the most quality.

Come and see a little more about Unimed Health.

Bradesco Health

Want more security and hospitality than having a Bradesco health plan? In this type of plan you will be able to find a reliability and splendid medical delivery. The level of care and access seen at Saúde Bradesco can be little compared to what is delivered by other plans. Bradesco Saúde delivers quality.

With its various promotional packages, Bradesco Health is recognized for having several layers of health plans, bringing access and quality to a large number of members. It is worth remembering that you will find in Saúde Bradesco, individual plans, commercial and even family.

Which one best fits your momentary and future needs? Remember that taking care of the health of those who love each other is the most advantageous investment! Ask for your quote at Bradesco Health.


Do you want health insurance with high level of coverage and amazing need plans? SulAmérica  Saúde has recognition inside and outside the country. COm  its more than 120 years of existence, we are talking about one of the plans with greater delivery of coverage to services of all ends of health.

At SulAmérica  Saúde you will find all kinds of plans. IcServiços  guarantees a qualified plan in several areas. These plans, which ensured his health and the health of his whole family. Are you going to keep wasting your time?

Innovative structures, irrefutable promotions and a delivery of great welcome and affection for its customers. At SulAmérica  you will find much more than just a health plan.

Don’t waste any more time and hire the plan that will take care of all of you! You won’t have any major problems when it comes to such an experienced and powerful company in the healthcare niche.

It’s going to be SulAmérica  Saúde. See the quotations of the best  SulAmérica  Plans with  IcServiços!


Hapvida has  been growing so remarkable that in a few years it is already in the Hall of Major Health Plans at the national level. How about giving the chance to a great Company of recent years, which has become increasingly specialized in taking care of people’s lives.

Flexible, low in need and a cover to make you discredit. Hapvida has  all the requirements that generate happiness and quality of life for its customers.

With plans covering all types of people and businesses, hapvida  delivers benefits of large Health Plans at an extremely profitable price. You will notice this when you require with  IcServiços  the quotations of great plans that fit directly with your needs.

Then no more wasting time and discover with comfort and quality, which Hapvida plan will  best suit you! It is worth remembering that you have for yourself, your company or your whole family.

Liv Health

Liv Saúde makes a great process of growth and respect with its new and old customers. With its innovative actions and a structure of those who already have experience in the subject, LivSaúde came  to shake the Private Health Market with good prices and health plans that treats its customers in a great level of care and care.

If you are in search of something new within private health itself, IcServiços indicates to you with great tranquility and respect the  LivSaúde Plan. It really is a step towards a new life. A life free of ills and full of quality.

More and more our day-to-day schedules and issues suck us in and stifle our times. However, LivSaúde has  already entered a new world. Get a wider variety of Health Plans and access to amazing schedules!

Are you ready for a new life? How about starting with LivSaúde? You will be being cared for by experienced and innovative experts.


Amil Health does not require comments!

Great brand consolidated in care and greater access to various social layers. Are you looking for a popular plan that can deliver quality in various specialties and exams? Amil health you already know and know you can trust. More than 4 decades are committed to caring, caring and offering qualified medical coverage.

You will not have unpleasant with the hiring of the Amil Health Plan. What if i do? IcServiços guarantees  that with decades of work side by side, Amil Health never leaves  IcServiços  in bad time with its customers.

You no longer need to look for recognized plans with great promotional prices. Now you are facing the health plan that has brought the most quality of life to the largest number of Brazilian lives. Come with Amil Saúdes! Ask for your quotation now.


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